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Trimaran builder / sailor Jim Gallant has tweaked his trimaran (named “Best Guess”) once again. He has created an excellent resource detailing the work on this boat at his webpage.


Overall, Jim said he is pleased with the results, although he does miss one feature in particular. He writes, “[Regarding the boat’s] performance, it’s different. In most ways better but some ways not. We had it planing before last winter’s changes. It was lighter and I think the flat transom allowed it to ‘break loose’ in high winds like a high wind windsurfer does. I have seen plenty of bottom paint above the water surface in high winds this summer, but I don’t think it’s sat fully on top of the water as it had before.

The fall winds are coming here in the Northwest so maybe we’ll see it plane then. On the other hand, it does feel faster in light air, which is probably a better trade off. The wider akas and floatier amas also make it feel more resistant to burying an ama. That happened once before with the low volume Hobie 14 amas.”

Both the picture above and the following video can be found on Jim’s webpages – http://outsideconnection.com/gallant/bluetri/retrofit2013/
There is lots of stuff there, including more vids of this small tri sailing. Great stuff!
And thanks again to Jim for updating us :-)