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Boatbuilder Oleg Zelinskiy recently built a new Dudley Dix Threefold 6 trimaran in Russia. He was also kind enough to provide me with some pictures of his Threefold 6 so I could include them in a new bonus chapter for Small Trimarans: An Introduction.

Oleg recently sent me the enthusiastic update (below) and I asked him if I could share it with SmallTrimaran.com readers. As you will see, he is very happy with the performance of Dudley’s trimaran design.

“Every weekend we sail on the sea in the Threefold 6. We like it more and more ( in spite of the main minus – its weight is more than allowed according to the project specs).

In the waves — rate it a #1. The boat behaves confidently both in a regular wave and at a ripple. At a good wind backstay, it is dispersed from a wave and leaves in a surfing mode — magnificent sensations! The body of the sailboat completely rises from water and slides on a surface!

We sailed with full sails … mainsail and genoa. The wind was steady, from the sea, about 20 knots. A crew was 3 persons: steering, boatman sailor and the third one heeled the boat passing from float to a float .. a very good method for a small trimaran.

At the heeling, the leeward float does not leave the water. That allows us to have more sails and more confidently disperse the trimaran. From under sterns, the water stream on such speeds comes off completely – there is a pure sliding.

When there will be a project for a new trimaran we will be grateful! Work on construction of the “Echo 38” goes forward … you can view this Dix Design, which we’re constructing at http://chernomor.su/shop_chernomor/echo38.html. Best regards, Oleg”

The new Dudley Dix Threefold 6 Trimaran in Russia

The new Dudley Dix Threefold 6 Trimaran in Russia

To find out more about Oleg and his boatbuilding business in Russia he may be contacted at: Address: 7/1 Zakharova str., Krasnodar, Russia … Tel: +7-861-210-0036 … Fax: +7-861-210-0036 or 210-0037 … Email: Anastasiya Tcyplenkova – burus @ linorusso.ru … Website