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Our friend Algie Bennett sent the following to us this past week. It’s a hoot.

See if you agree :-)

Algie wrote:

I’ve not had much time to do anything to move my ISO dinghy project from being a proa to actually becoming a fully fledged trimaran due to horrendous work commitments but thought this might give your readers a laugh.

The boat is a bit awkward for me to move around by myself as the ramp at Lymington where we now sail from is very steep, so I decided to “repurpose and up-cycle” an old electric scooter courtesy of my old uncle Ron.

I removed the seat, added a simple little hitch, dropped the dolly on and scooted off:

it didn’t have quite enough power to take me and the boat up the ramp but it was possible to walk it up. However the tyres were very thin and didn’t grip on the wet side of the ramp very well.

I then managed to scrounge another scooter from a friend of my brother – a little more power but much better, bigger tyres. The same little tow hitch approach but this one managed to get up the ramp (just) and scooted around the car park very happily

This also shows the new GoPro mount that worked really when we got out sailing that day as well.

I now have a further motor from a much more powerful scooter – the 1st was 200W 4mph model, the next 280W 6mph model and final one is I think 400W and 8mph – it is simply a case of botching it into one of the frames (will need some cutting and welding) , but I may instead convert it into a little towing handle with just 2 wheels to keep it light an maneuverable.

They are also great for stunt riding:

The plan will be to leave it at the club connected to a solar panel for anyone to use – makes life a lot easier especially coming back when you are knackered from some tough sailing.

Hopefully the work issues will calm down by September (had 2 staff leave and replacements proving difficult to find…) and get back to building the other side and get the first hydrofoils on and tested…

Kind Regards,
Algie Bennett
www.smalltrimaran.co.uk (not much on here yet, just started sorting it)