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chryz-outlaw-trimaranSailor Christofer Olsson has done it again. A new self-built sporty small trimaran design.

His Chryz 10 turned out to be pretty neat. But now he has put a new boat on the water he calls the “Chryz Outlaw trimaran.”

Info from Chris and a couple videos below.


The Chryz Outlaw trimaran
by Christofer Olsson

Here is my new Chryz Outlaw trimaran, which I have built the last 7 month! I tried to make it more right this time, using the lessons learned from Chryz10. All failure from last years boat, I tried to make better this time.
The result is Chryz Outlaw — 18 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 26 feet carbon mast.


Here are the major improvements:
* Slim main hull
* side hull, same length as main hull
* Mast in exactly the center of the boat (more like Spindrift and other fast tris)
* Triple waterstays, to keep boat stiff
* Automated Easy to handle, 2x furler, spinlock PXR clam cleats for less mess
* Longer … longer is faster, nothing beats a longer boat
* Self-tacking jib
* Self-retracting-lines, for less mess
* Divinycell + fiber glass and some carbon, (No wood!!!)


More results at my blog www.chryz10.com



Have test-sailed for two days, not much wind 2nd day. Here are two videos :)
Day 1

Day 2 (with some tweaks)