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Another Chryz10 trimaran from sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Christofer Olsson? Yes!

We’ve seen him in action before, including here and here.

It’s almost finished and ready for sea trials. (We’re looking forward to that report. And check out his blog too — www.chryz10.com :-)

Chris tells the story about this new boat below. And he shares a some pics and a “walk-around” video as well.

(All I can say is Chris’ sailing mind & boatbuilding skills amaze me. Seriously.)


Chryz10 Trimaran – Miami Edition
by Christofer Olsson

It’s a new year and I have built a new small trimaran again. It’s not 100% finished yet.

Last year I built a really fast small trimaran (Chryz Outlaw) It turned out really nice and I compete in some local races. However, I found my self spending a lot of time preparing the boat before and after each sailing trip. Too much time. Also, sometimes I really wanted to see the GPS-plotter to navigate. That was difficult with that boat. I did not plan to build a new trimaran for 2017… but

From the ashes of old Chryz10 and leftovers from Chryz Outlaw, I started to build Chryz10 Miami Edition.

Vision: From that you enter the marina to you are out and sailing should take less than 5 min.

It should be simpler, and not that heavy to transport and put in the water. Time to scale down!

I started to build a really small trimaran, about 10 feet and could use all my nice sails from old Chryz10. I decided to go for a hull with centre cockpit steering (modified Nintendo Wii wheel).

Also, I wanted to have some kind of instrument panel for GPS, phone and more that is dry. I have built the new boat with only stuff I have had lying around at home. I had so much great stuff at home, carbon fibre tubes, alu-pipe, glass-fibre and wood. Why not do something with it.

I constructed a centreboard to fold inside the boat, that will save time…

Rudder also folds. Added travellers to the main sail to save time.

The amas are exactly same length as centre hull this time. Built a storage comp behind the seating like the Seaclipper10. All lines should be able to control from cockpit. This time it’s a rotating mast on deck. I used a A-cat carbon-fibre beam in front ant a A-cat alu beam in back.

The boat is about 98% finished, but I have not tested it yet! Will be very interesting, WILL IT FLOAT… hahaa. The weather is not the best in Sweden right now. If we get low winds and some sun, maybe it’s possible for a test-sail during Easter this week.

I will test-sail with main and jib. But also have both Code0 and gennaker and a carbon bowsprit ready if the boat seems to sail as good as it does in my PowerPoint sketches.

Created a walkaround video for you to see …

It’s all on my blog — www.chryz10.com

Please comment if you have questions!

Yes… you need LED-downlight and ice-bucket-support in your boat too…

Update 04-027-17: Chris shared the following video of his test sail (from yesterday) in the comments area below…