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This past week, I heard from George Yioulos, the President of West Coast Sailing. He sent me the following info and pics as they relate to the Triak.

George mentioned possible Triak upgrades and said he is excited to offer the current version of this paddle / sailing design to customers. His email is a nice follow up to last week’s post.

(We wish all Triakers everywhere every success!) Be sure to click through on the links to find out even more.


New Triaks

We got a container of Triaks in this week … and we plan to do some modifications and upgrade to the stock Triak.

I think the floats are nicely sized for inland waters and protected sailing, but, agree that over a certain wind speed, bigger floats will help. We’re pretty sure we can increase the float size in time without adding much weight or drag.

Rudder system, we are upgrading this fall as well.

Mast furling in time will be upgraded, and we’re working to clean a few of the lines to lead them a bit more smartly.

In short, hundreds of Triaks are out in the wild … the product has been very well received over the years.

The plan is to grow sales in a stable and responsible way, make incremental improvements over time and get more people on the water :)

George Yioulos