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Here we get to finally see the results of trimaran sailor Hans Schipper’s efforts to construct a new trimaran from old parts. He has named this new boat the Triple A Trimaran … and it looks like fun, especially for single-handed sailing.

Hans sent 3 photos, along with a couple of short YouTube videos. I am looking forward to hearing what others might say about this design. Kudos to you Hans … and thanks for sharing the results of this trimaran building project with us here at smalltrimarans!

Triple A Trimaran Now Sailing
by Hans Schipper

triple-a-trimaran-in-the-water-1Hi All,

Here some pictures and videos of the Triple A Trimaran. I had to spend some time adjusting the boat after its first trial run. The fate of an inventor!

  • The composite deck boards were not strong enough and have been replaced by Bankirai wood.
  • I had to extend the tiller to be able to sit in a more forward position in low wind.
  • I have the clew to strengthen after a trial in more than 4 Beaufort.

    triple-a-trimaran-in-the-water-2Now all these things are done, the boat meets all my expectations.

    It provides good sailing. It isn’t too heavy, so I can launch it on my own, and the assembly / dis-assembly of the tubes only requires several minutes.

    We can sail it with two people but it’s faster with one.

    triple-a-trimaran-in-the-water-3With little wind the boat hangs back, but it goes nice and straight between 2 and 3 Beaufort. The more wind the more I have to sit backwards on the comfortable sitting frame.

    The floats are relatively low so that no tube comes out of the water when there is more wind. I think this is a good position for mounting hydrofoils. Maybe that is a project for next winter. First, I am going to experience and enjoy more sailing with different winds.

    Here are 2 links of the Triple A Trimaran sailing…