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The Uffa 10 Trimaran is a new design from boat designers Ottavio Di Blasi and Jacopo Faggioni, who reside in Italy. A sailor (and current Uffa 10 builder) named Aurelio shares the following with us about his trimaran building project.

According to Aurelio, Jacopo is willing to share the building specs (probably in PDF format over the Internet) with anybody who wants them … for free. (I’ll assume this is true for the time being — until I hear otherwise).

Anyhow, many thanks for sharing your story (and this new design) with us Aurelio!


Building a New Uffa 10 Trimaran
by Aurelio P.

My name is Aurelio P. from italy and we’re building a custom-made small trimaran (for participation in 10 ft class regattas like the ones you can see at www.diecipiedi.it … and for pleasure). Following are some photos of the boat in progress.

This new Uffa 10 isn’t the same boat as the Triciclo trimaran, but it is in the same box rule of the class that the Triciclo is in: max 10 ft long ( only hull ) max 3,00 mt wide (for multihulls) and max 8 sqm sail area.

The Uffa’s name is in honor of a man named Uffa Fox. Uffa Fox was a famous English dinghy designer of last century.

I really like multihulls and wanted a small trimaran for sailing with my girlfriend. Since the Triciclo trimaran is only for one person, a new trimaran for the 10 ft regattas here in Italy had to be developed.

The New Uffa 10 Trimaran Under Construction

Also, I wanted an elegant width and foredeck … and a teak central hull with white amas … plus a carbon mast sloop.

Additionally, the Uffa 10 trimaran offers more buoyancy in main hull ( 150 litres ) and in the amas ( 100 litres ) and more room in the cockpit (wide 96 cm — instead of 45cm of Triciclo ).

The crossbeams are curved aluminium. And the amas slide into the crossbeams for easy transport ( on top of the car or small trailer). I estimate the set up time (to go sailing) for this boat to be about 20 minutes.

Curved aluminum tubing for the akas on the Uffa 10 trimaran

The carbon mast and boom for my Uffa 10 trimaran is being made by C-Tech composites from Auckland, NZ. It will be taken from the NS 14 dinghy class.

The building plans for the Uffa 10 trimaran are not on the web. But anyone who wants the plans can obtain them for free by contacting boat designer Jacopo Faggioni at: jfaggioni AT jfaggioni.it

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