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In our first post about the NINJA SPIDER TRIMARAN, we found this sailboat being offered in 3 different production variations. The first option, referred to at the time as the “NINJA SPIDER resort,” has been removed from the updated SMG-Multihull pricelist so things could be simplified.

The designer, Gerhard Schein, provided some updated photos of this boat, which display it during a recent “capsize test.” This is an surely an important subject when it comes to smallish beach trimarans.

Gerhard offers the following update below, in addition to the photos and a few YouTube links.


The basic NINJA SPIDER TRIMARAN model in our line is now the Spider ECO, with all fitted equipment incl. bowsprit, but delivered only with mainsail. (see new price list)

The NINJA SPIDER R is now the full equipped Spider, with three sails and roller furler. We’ve removed the “Magic box” as standard equipment, however, because we saw that not everybody wanted the box. The Ninja Spider tri fits on a roof rack from a middle class car.

Both models are the same. Only the sail sets are different. A crew of two can easily sail the three sails.

The NINJA Spider is designed as a fast, but safe singlehanded sports multihull. In light wind condition it’s not a big challenge to sail solo with tree sails. The cockpit is designed for that. In condition 3-4bft it’s nice to sail only with the main upwind and downwind together with the screecher.

We did a capsize test last time cause so many people were asking for it! It was not so easy to capsize the trimaran. I sailed quite a while with my crew on the leeward outrigger. The water surface was on the knees and we didn’t capsize!

Ninja Spider Trimaran Capsize Test

We had to pull the shrouds to leeward to capsize the boat. And – it capsized about the stern (see pics)!

Then we opened the capsize hatch on one outrigger stern to float the hull, and to press it with the crew weight under water. After turning the boat it easily started sailing again and the outrigger emptied itself. After a while you can close the hatch and enjoy sailing again.

For more about the Ninja, visit SMG Multihull at Sail-the-Difference.com. Finally, here are the new NINJA SPIDER TRIMARAN videos on YouTube…

CE drop test:

Sailing the Ninja Spider:

For more about the Ninja, visit SMG Multihull at Sail-the-Difference.com