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taenga-16-trimaran-1The Taenga 16 Trimaran is an owner designed / built 16 foot trimaran in France. Sailor Jacques Aubert shares his new sailboat, set to be launched next Spring, with us here in this post.

According to Wikipedia “TAENGA,” or Taunga-hara, is one of French Polynesia’s Tuamotu atolls. It sure looks like a place I’d like to go sailing :-)

Jacques has set up a website featuring his Taenga 16 trimaran here. And a Facebook page with even more pictures here.

The boat looks beautiful. It appears Jacques really knows what he is doing when it comes to building a boat with fiberglass and epoxy – at least aesthetically. If it performs well under sail then he is going to have a fine boat indeed.

Many thanks to him for sharing it with us for sharing it with us. In his email to me, he wrote the following:

The floats are fiberglass and PVC foam sandwich central hull and bibiais fabrics and epoxy resin.

I’m in France and the yacht will sail in Loire Atlantique, in the Loire estuary.

This is the second boat that I’ve build. I wanted a fast, stable sailing ship and easily transportable and the choice of the trimaran was essential.



— Jacques