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Introducing the Seaclipper 13 (4 Meter) Trimaran

John Marples has just released building plans for another boat in the Seaclipper series — the Seaclipper 13 (4 Meter) trimaran. John continues to be a prolific Multihull designer for those who want to build their own boat at home.

seaclipper-13-4-meter-trimaran-1This boat will feature “swing-wing” akas, which helps make setting up the boat for sailing on the trailer very easy. And it can utilize a sailing rig taken from a Laser dinghy monohull.

John indicates this small trimaran will be ideal for 1 adult sailor or a couple of teens. But one really neat feature of this boat is that it be set up for either tiller steering (on the tramps) or sit-down cockpit style steering. (more…)

Quick Look at the MIND 15 Trimaran (in France)

One of our readers alerted me to a new production small trimaran from France called the MIND Trimaran. It appears to be a fun, versatile sailboat.

It’s advertised as being: stable, easily maneuverable, and simple (no boom, for example). It features a daggerboard and can be set up for either 1 or 2 seats in the center hull. And the sales copy briefly refers to a “igloo tent option.” (I’d like to know more about that). (more…)

Small Treasure Trove of Early AYRS Trimaran Articles

We received the following from sailor (and frequent smalltrimarans.com contributor) Ian McGehee. Wonderful history and also some great pics of small tris from decades ago. And more about Victor Tchetchet (Father of the Modern Trimaran) can be seen here. (The links to the pdfs below are likely the documents referenced in the “Father of the Modern Trimaran” article in the previous link). (more…)

Endorphin Trimaran – Combined Motorboat and Sailboat

Smalltrimarans contributor Ian McGehee sent me a YouTube link to the following video. The builder of this boat calls it the “Endorphin trimaran.” The video is basically a collage of the building pictures for this boat.

I really like a couple of the techniques used to assemble this craft. The crossbeam holders on the vaka, for example, look pretty neat. It may be applicable to other smaller tris. (more…)

Double Outrigger Sailboat in Popular Science Magazine (August 1949)

We’ve previously seen ads for outrigger sailboats in decades-old issues of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Here we link to a full article from 1949 that shows how to build a cartopable small tri.

It’s pretty neat, especially considering the time period. I love stuff like this, partly because it’s reminiscent of a pervasive “can-do” spirit of a bygone era. It’s old-school. (more…)

Double Outrigger Canoe Historical Articles

Our friend Ian McGehee sent the following outrigger canoe links to me today. Ian noted that these articles would nicely fit in with a couple of other posts we’ve done regarding ancient tri history. And so they do.

The text is copied directly from the full articles, which can be found just below each of the text portions below. (more…)

Windrider Trimaran Sailing (& Camping) on Lake Diefenbaker

The following Windrider trimaran videos come to us from Windrider sailor Rod McLaren. In them, Rod shares his sailing-camping trips from 2013 and 2014 on Canada’s Lake Diefenbaker. Rod and his buddies show why these boats are ideal for exactly the type of outdoor adventure on display.

In the first video Rod uses a very cool phrase I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent … it’s just that, for some reason, it never stood out to me before. (more…)

WindRider Launching New RAVE V Hydrofoil Sailing Trimaran

The following press release (and short promo video) for the new RAVE hydrofoil model was just sent to me by Dean Sanberg, President of Windrider. I am reprinting the release here below in its entirety.

I’ve heard many times the original RAVE, produced and sold back in the 90s, offered an exhilarating thrill ride. It’ll be good to hear from sailors how this boat performs under sail. It’ll also be good to get feedback regarding durability and setup time for a trailered boat on a launch ramp. (more…)

Slingshot 19 Trimaran Building Plans Now On Deck

Small Trimaran sailor and DIY builder Frank Smoot is now offering plans for the 19-foot version of his “Slingshot” model. He has been working on publishing these since the building plans for the 16-foot Slingshot were unveiled.

The following information comes from Frank and is a concise write-up detailing this new sailboat. And in case you’re interested, here is an audio recording of me and Frank talking about the 16-footer. (more…)

How to Build Rudders or Dagger Boards

Multihull designer Bernd Kohler shares his method of building rudders and foils in this short article. The post about his first ever small trimaran design has generated a lot of interest and I am very glad to be able to spotlight one of his time-saving building techniques here.

Please keep in mind, as you read, that English isn’t his first language. I did very little editing of the words below; I think he does a pretty good job at communicating the concept and instructions. I hope lots of folks are able to glean from it and, hopefully, at some point, save a whole bunch of time when making pieces like this. (more…)

A Fast Little Tri On An Economical Budget

Multihull designer Bernd Kohler contacted me last week and let me know about his newest design – “Little Tri.” Bernd initially designed and built this boat as a daysailer for he and his wife. (He explains in the story below). But then many people started asking him if he could make plans available so they could build this boat too.

It appears to be a fast, light boat. And may be of particular interest to anyone who’d like to build a small tri on a budget. (more…)

Michael Storer Talks Outriggers

When reading about small boats, I often find myself at Michael Storer’s website. It’s always fun and always informative (even though the formatting on it needs to be fixed!)

Here is a great article by Michael on outriggers, which includes double outriggers for trimarans. He has got a few nice pics too, including the ones I’ve linked to on this page. (more…)

A-Cat Hull Used for Trimaran

Chris Ostlind is currently building a new small trimaran that sports a main center hull taken from a beach cat. It looks great. Below is an actually picture of the boat now, as it’s being built and also a “mock-up” photo of what Chris envisions it will look like on the beach when it’s finally finished (and repainted).

Be sure to click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing. Oh, by the way, I’d love to see what guys are building now; contact me about your building projects for posting here so we can see what’s happening out there in small tri land :-) (more…)

Working Model for the TRIX 12 Trimaran Design

Here is sailor Walter Monici once again, now featuring an expanded version of his 10-foot TRIX Trimaran model. This one is designed to be 12-foot LOA.

Walter sent me the images of the working model (below) along with an explanation of his intentions for this new boat. Basically, he is intending this small tri to be used primarily in rivers with paddles and oars. (more…)

More Best Guess Trimaran Updates

Trimaran builder / sailor Jim Gallant has tweaked his trimaran (named “Best Guess”) once again. He has created an excellent resource detailing the work on this boat at his webpage.


Overall, Jim said he is pleased with the results, although he does miss one feature in particular. He writes, “[Regarding the boat’s] performance, it’s different. In most ways better but some ways not. We had it planing before last winter’s changes. It was lighter and I think the flat transom allowed it to ‘break loose’ in high winds like a high wind windsurfer does. I have seen plenty of bottom paint above the water surface in high winds this summer, but I don’t think it’s sat fully on top of the water as it had before. (more…)

Windrider Signs Deal to Sell Astus Trimarans in the US

Windrider has just Signed a deal with Astus Boats to sell their trimarans in the United States. The online version of the marine industry magazine, “Trade Only Today,” posted this news a few days ago (on August 27th).

That’s pretty neat. I’ve periodically wondered when (if) somebody would become an Astus dealer here in the US. The Astus trimarans are featured in the book, “More Small Trimarans.” You can also find out more about them at the website of one of their European dealers here. (more…)

What’s It Like Getting Boat Hardware from Duckworks?

Just over a week ago, I placed a pretty sizable order for boating hardware at Duckworks. Their prices are very good and I’ve purchased stuff from Duckworks several times in the past.

The proprietor, Chuck Leinweber, promptly mailed out my package and a few days later it came in the mail. Somehow, the USPS had managed to tear a big, gaping hole at the top of the package, allowing half of its contents to spill out during transit (including blocks, pad eyes, shackles, etc). (more…)

An Hour of Personal Sailing Instruction from Richard Woods

Just received the following news from Duckworks’ proprietor Chuck Leinweber. Multihull designer Richard Woods is going to be conducting sailing classes at the upcoming Sail Oklahoma and the Port Arkansas plyWooden Boat Festival.

We are very glad to help spread the word about these events (and this opportunity in particular). Pure fun!

The below is excerpted from the full info page found here at Duckworks(more…)

Road Rash Plywood Trimaran Design-Concept

SmallTrimarans reader Chris Ross recently sent me the link to a trimaran model named “Road Rash.” This model appears to still be in the design-concept stage, as there are no pics of an actual boat that has been built yet.

The Road Rash is designed to be 7.5 meters (a little over 24 1/2 feet) in length and constructed mostly from 6mm plywood. The info page says the crossbeams would be foldable for trailering purposes. (more…)