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Piver Nugget Trimaran for Sale in California

piver-nugget-trimaran-for-sale-in-cali-1bSailor Greg Hardt is selling his Piver Nugget trimaran. (We featured Greg’s boat awhile back in this post here.)

He has just bought a new Hallberg Rassy 35 and says it’s time to let the Nugget go. His contact info is below for anyone interested in this boat.

Great writes:

This 24 foot Piver Nugget was built at Lasco Marine in El Viso California back in 1966. She has cold mold fiber glass hulls, two masts, three main sails, three jibs and a spinnaker. (more…)

Potential Buyer Inquiring about Cross Multihulls

cross-18-trimaran-photo-9Let’s see if we can help make a “Cross Multihulls” connection here. Sailor Neal Strong is trying to get in touch with Jeff Turner, who has been the custodian for Norm Cross’ multihull designs for a good number of years.

Can anyone reading this help Neal connect with Jeff so they can do some “multihull business”? That is the essence of Neal’s message to the small tri community below.

…………… (more…)

Searunner 25 Trimaran Restoration Continues in Minnesota

searunner-25-trimaran-restoration-continues-7The restoration of the Searunner 25 trimaran in Minnesota continues. And see here also. I received the following detailed info and pics from sailor John Ebert, who is really going the extra mile to restore this classic tri.

If you’re someone who loves “technical information” then you’re going to love this post! It’s important to note, however, that what John shares below isn’t techie for “techies’ sake” … it’s very practical.

IMO, John’s info is going to give a lot of sailors some food for thought as they work on their boats. (more…)

Rudi 6.0 Trimaran Almost Ready Down Under

rudi-trimaran-3Sailor Aaron de Ruiter shares some info and pics of his 20-foot trimaran. He designed and is currently building this boat and it’s nearly finished. Sea trials are about to get underway.

Aaron describes it as a 6.0 lightweight demountable trimaran that separates into 3 sections; 2.4m bow section, 2.4m midships section + 1.2m aft section.

He is calling this design the RUDI 6.0. I’ll let him share the full story of how this design came about, plus some images (below). (more…)

Little Tri Amid a Netherlands Raid

little-tri-trimaran-at-dorestad-raidHere is a fun bit of info about a “Little Tri” in the Netherlands.

The builder/sailor of this boat, Hans, participated in the Dorestad Raid, which featured lots of other small boats. This sort of event is often loads of fun for small boat aficionados … and this one sounds like one of those affairs. See Han’s write-up below.

Although there is only one picture of the boat sailing at this Raid, there are a couple of neat photos of the boat at dock. (One of them being quite creative).

Thanks to boat designer Bernd Kohler for forwarding this to us. (more…)

Lovely Farrier Trimaran in Maine (for Sale)

farrier-trimaran-in-maine-for-sale-3Sailor Jen Iott has a Farrier trimaran she wants to sell. According to her description, this boat is a beauty and the new owner is going to get it for a terrific price (in my opinion).

Lots of upgrades on it!

This Farrier is located in Maine, where Jen operates Aurora Sails and Canvas. She is a very experienced sailor and marine industry professional … a great person to handle serious inquiries about this small cruising trimaran. (more…)

SeaRail 19 Trimaran Now with On-the-Water Folding System

Just received this bit of news from the folks who sell the SeaRail 19 trimaran. It now comes with an “On-the-Water” Folding System. It comes from this page on the SeaRail website, which states:

The SR-19’s new folding system is widely based on the f-boat system and is engineered using triangulation methods, allowing for the use of much lighter material while increasing its overall strength. This new folding system will only add 8 pounds to the SeaRail’s overall sailing weight – bringing that weight to just over 700 pounds (fully laden). To prevent drag which has plagued similar systems, the new SR-19 system is mounted above the hull chine, well away from the flow line. (more…)

Aqueous Solution – Tandem Double Outrigger Kayak (Now for Sale)

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-3Aqueous Solution is a tandem, double outrigger kayak. To be more specific, it’s a 20-foot long Little Wing Tandem Sail from Warren Light Craft.

It’s now for sale by it’s owner, Jackie V. who enjoyed sailing it on lovely Lake Champlain – situated between Canada, Vermont and New York.

This kayak is described by Jackie below. She also shares a great day’s sailing experience with this particular craft. (more…)

Meeting a Challenge with a Challenger

Challenger trimarans are based in the UK. I wish they were on this side of the Atlantic too. (I’ve wanted to sail one ever since learning the story of how they came about a number of years back).

I’ve done a bit of corresponding with sailor Dawn Smith over the past couple weeks. She is highly skilled sailor who badly injured her back while navigating her cruising vessel in a huge storm in 2013. Dawn has been researching the best way for her to get back onto the water for awhile.

Especially what sort of boat to sail. (more…)

Unique Foils Trimaran Almost Ready to Sail

foil-outriggers-trimaran-5Sailor Gary Baigent is almost finished building his unique, self-designed trimaran. This boat is going to use foils as its outriggers.

Gary is a very experienced waterman and builder, but this is certainly “out of the box.” I don’t know that I know many guys who would attempt anything like this.

We’re already looking forward to hearing about the sea trials for this one.

Gary wrote the following when he sent the below pics to me a few days ago. Click on the images to enlarge. (Thanks for keeping us updated on this boat Gary!) (more…)

Seaclipper 16 Sailing in Tennessee

seaclipper-16-trimaran-in-Tennessee-7Here is a great looking Seaclipper 16 trimaran launched this summer (colorful too :-)

It was built by sailor Ed Stewart, who is sailing this boat on nearby lakes in Tennessee. He says the boat performs well under sail and his wife really likes its stability.

Building plans for this boat can be obtained from designer John Marples (you can check out plans/specs for this particular boat at his website here). (more…)

Jim Brown’s Nautical Lore Capercast (Podcast) Launches

nl-2decover-300x300-podcast-5The first 2 episodes of Jim Brown’s “Nautical Lore Capercast” … a.k.a., his podcast … have just been published.

No, they’re not strictly about SMALL TRIMARANS at all. But there is sure to be lots of stuff about tris, including smaller ones, in these podcast shows.

They’re NOT on iTunes (yet). His show will hopefully be featured on iTunes within a few days. (I say this for any hard-core iTunes subscribers out there who might be reading this … you know who you are :-) (more…)

MacGregor Venture Hobie Trimaran Now Sailing

macgregor-venture-hobie-trimaran-sailing-2Today we have the best update yet from sailor Travis Haggard regarding his self-styled, self-named “MacGregor Venture Hobie Trimaran.” Why do I say BEST UPDATE yet? Because the boat is now SAILING of course!

As you may recall, this boat came about as an idea to create a trimaran by attaching Hobie 18 hulls (for outriggers) to a used Macgregor Venture 21 sailboat. We first featured it here. Then posted an update on his building project here. And then posted another update here.

This is a serious DIY project. And it’s not for the foolish … or faint of heart. (more…)

Growing the 10 Foot Trimaran Class

10-foot-trimaran-class-rendering-2Sailor and small trimaran afficianado Aurelio P. is working to build up a 10 foot trimaran class. With this goal in mind, He has additionally created a whole bunch of renders and pdf docs featuring a new 10 foot trimaran design.

We’ve already seen him working on his own 10 foot boat here and here. And he even set up a website for the 10 foot class here.

These can be seen (and downloaded) below. It is Aurelio’s hope this information will ultimately help sailors build their own boats so they can participate in future regattas. (more…)

Strike 16 Trimaran for Sale

strike-16-trimaran-excellent-build-3Sailor Richard Oates is selling the Strike 16 trimaran he built. As you will read below, he hasn’t sailed the boat much due to health issues (which is why he is now offering it for sale).

Richard has re-rigged it in a way that many sailors might like. You’ll see that he has gone the extra mile in the construction process too.

For more background on this particular design, you can read our first post about the Strike 16 here. There are, however, many posts about the Strike 16 on this site, which you can find using the search box feature. (more…)

Sailing Paraw – Photos, Including Rigging

borocay-paraw-rigging-30 After seeing our previous post featuring Paraws, sailor Bill Lovelock shares the following pictures with us. He took these photos of sailing Paraws in Borocay in 2009.

Many of them are wonderfully detailed when it comes to the rigging of these unique boats. So many thanks to him for sharing them with us here!

Bill also shared the following when sending these pics:

Here are a few photos I took of Visayan sailing paraws in Borocay in 2009. I believe there are some close-ups of the steering setup. (more…)

Paraws in the Philippines

paraw-sailing-adventureHere are a few of the many YouTube videos featuring Paraw outrigger sailing canoes. They are amazingly fast, in addition to being colorful.

I love the unique trampoline configuration. While the center hull itself is almost completely decked-over, the wide tramps allow for many passengers.

One thing I am not sure about are the steering control lines attached to the rudder. There are no tillers or push-pull sticks, just control lines. Is that comfortable on the hands? One of the videos below seems to show the control line being fed through a block. If anyone can find a video or illustration that offers some more details on the ways this control line is arranged then we’d appreciate links in the “comments” section below. (more…)

Zeta Trimaran Hits the Water

zeta-trimaran-first-sail-3 The first Zeta trimaran, a new design from Richard Woods, is now under sail. We first featured the Zeta here.

Here are some pics and a video of the first sail of the first boat. Looks pretty good, especially with light wind.

One obvious goal of the pictures is to emphasize the boat’s lightness in weight. That is surely a great feature, especially for guys that want to easily trailer (or cartop) a boat to a nearby body of water, go sailing for a couple of hours, and then pack the boat up for the trip back home. (more…)

Small Trimaran News Bits from Richard Woods

tryst-trimaran-in-canadaDesigner Richard Woods shared the following pieces of news-info with us regarding a few of his designs. I thought we’d collectively them them here in this post.


Duo dinghy / Tryst trimaran News…

Richards wrote:
I received a photo of Peet’s 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy a couple of weeks ago. It was the first boat he had ever built. Now, like so many people (including me) he has converted it to the Tryst trimaran, although slightly modified from the original drawings. (more…)

Sardine Run 19 Trimaran Sailing in France

sardine-run-19-trimaran-under-sailHere is a video update for the Sardine Run 19 trimaran. It comes to us from Allel Behidj of the Sardine Run boatyard in France.

We first featured this boat prior to the first one being built. And the Sardine 19 concept is now reality.

This sailboat, made with modern composite materials, looks terrific … especially with those inverted bows. (more…)

Ultralight 20 Trimaran for Sale in Canada

ultralight-trimaran-max-5The Ultralight 20 trimaran, designed and built by Warren Light Craft, is a high-tech, amazing sailing machine. Seriously.

Canadian sailor, Max B., currently has his UL20 up for sale. He has really enjoyed sailing it.

Max shares a few words about the boat here (below). He also provided us with some pics and also gave us permission to share the video he had posted on Facebook featuring his sailboat. If anyone is interested in contacting Max for possible purchase of his boat can reach him at: (more…)

Discovery 20 Trimaran Now the Discovery 21

discovery-21-trimaran-buildSailor Tony Basso (from Half Moon Bay, CA) alerted me to the following piece of small tri news. The Discovery 20 trimaran, a Chris White design from the 80’s is undergoing an update.

The design aspect of things is already completed. There were some tweaks Chris thought would make the boat a little better, including lengthening the center hull to 21 feet. The real news is that it’s going to be offered as both a production boat (for anyone that wants one completely made for them) AND a kit (for someone who wants to complete the build themselves). (more…)

Vintage Pioneer Trimaran from Victor Tchetchet

tchetchet-pioneer-trimaran-2 Probably one of the first ads ever for a small trimaran. Our friend Ian McGehee found this one while reading an actual copy of the original magazine in which it appeared.

Below is the full image of an ad for the “Pioneer” trimaran model, designed by Victor Tchetchet, from page 129 of POPULAR SCIENCE – April 1947 – which I am linking to below (the digital version) on Amazon.com

So neat! (Thanks for sharing this with us Ian :-) (more…)

Small Trimarans in Trouble

Not just one but two small tris got in trouble this past week. Yikes, we don’t like hearing about this at all. (Trimarans are meant to offer sailors stability, after all!)

Thankfully, the sailors in trouble were rescued. This should give all of us pause to reflect that careful planning and prudent sailing practices — coupled with respect for both the water and weather conditions — are always necessary. (more…)

Skin-on-Frame Double Outrigger Sailing Canoe – Perahu Katir

perahu-katir-sailing-canoeHere is a skin-on-frame double outrigger sailing canoe currently in sea trials right now. The designer/builder is SOF expert Dave Gentry, who features the following info on his “What’s New” page at his website.

This sailing canoe is an attempt to create an extremely lightweight, yet seaworthy, outrigger in SOF. It’s modeled after a boat called “Perahu Katir,” which is a type of Jukung from Northeast Java. (more…)

Cool Finn Trimaran Sailing

coolfinn-trimaran-sailing-1The Cool Finn trimaran is now sailing. We first got a glimpse of this trimaran under construction back in January.

Sailor Hans Schipper has built another beauty here. (His first one was featured a couple years ago in this post).

This “Cool Finn” combines the hulls of a Cool Cat catamaran with a main hull of a Finnjol dinghy. It goes against the norm by combining a relatively wide, flat-bottomed center hull with the slender beach cat hulls typically associated with multihulls. (more…)

F-Boats in the R2AK

r2aktriFrom what I can tell, it appears a couple Farrier-designed boats have fared well in the R2AK Race.

Team “Mail Order Bride”, sailing a F85SR – Farrier “Super Racer” trimaran – have finished.

And it appears Team “Un-Cruise Adventures,” who are sailing a F-25c trimaran, are also approaching Ketchikan harbor.

The 1st place finisher was still a multihull … a large 32-foot beach catamaran sailed by Team “MAD Dog Racing”. (more…)

Small Trimaran Entries in R2AK 2016

small-tri-r2akLots. And lots. Of small tris. (In the R2AK).

Pretty neat.

I’ve listed them below. Did I miss any? I hope not.

You can read about them (and see a pic or two of each one) on the “Race Participants” webapge here: https://r2ak.com/full-race-participants2016/

You may also want to check out one of the “pre-race” YouTube vids, which I’ve also posted below. (more…)

Can You Identify This 13-to-15-Foot Trimaran?

Can You Identify This 13 to 15 Foot Trimaran? One of our readers sent these pics a couple days ago. (Photos below). He thinks this boat was once in production somewhere.

I think I’ve seen this model before (and to be honest, it may already be posted somewhere on this blog … I just can’t remember).

I am, therefore, taking the E-Zeee way out of this ID dilemma and asking if one (or two or three) of our other superb readers can offer some feedback about this sailboat. If so then just post in the “Comments” area below. (more…)

Grande Small Tri on the Water

rio-grande-double-outrigger-sailing-4dSelf-boatbuilder / sailor Eric Light is now sailing and paddling his new boat. We first saw what he was doing in our first post about the project here – http://smalltrimarans.com/blog/a-grande-small-tri-project/.

Eric sent the following update to me (read below) this past weekend. So great to see the results of his efforts.

The 4 pictures I’ve linked to here come from Eric’s building blog and are copyrighted by him (I link to these images directly on his site. Be sure to check it out because he has lots more info and pics there.

Pretty neat. I love the sail on it too. (more…)

Jim Brown’s SCRIMSHAW Rescue – Part One

scrimshaw-paintingJim Brown is in the process of helping to rescue his old, beloved cruising trimaran SCRIMSHAW. His friend Bruce M. just bought the boat from the fellow Jim sold it to 3 years ago.

This isn’t strictly “small trimaran” related, per se, but Jim is always sooooo entertaining when it comes to his multihull storytelling … this audio was just too good not to share with you here on smalltrimarans.

He has told me in the past (and loves to share with anyone with a listening ear) that, “Sailing is about continuing to learn something new every time you go out in a boat.” (more…)

First Strike 20 Trimaran Now Sailing

strike-20-trimaran-sailingI just received the following Strike 20 Trimaran info from Richard Woods. He has been selling plans for this sailboat for awhile but this is the first one sailing (video below).

By the way, Richard says he is offering the following special deal for smalltrimarans.com readers. He writes, “Plans normally cost GBP250, but if people say they saw them on your site I’ll sell them for GBP200 (USD300)”

Isn’t that cool? (Thanks Richard … we appreciate that very much :-) (more…)

DWX Epoxy for Boatbuilding

working-with-epoxy-resinI just discovered a new product being advertised at Duckworks. It’s billed as a new type of epoxy that offers some terrific benefits not currently found with most other epoxies right now.

Since I’m a big fan of Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply I’ll assume the product’s claims are genuine (at least for the moment).

I dislike working with epoxy. It’s a major component in wooden boatbuilding these days and I’ve used it for both the boats I’ve built. It’s never been easy for me to work with though. (more…)

Seaclipper 13 Now Sailing in Canada

seaclipper-13-trimaran-now-sailing-in-canada-1When we last heard from sailor Don Thompson he was still building his Seaclipper 13 trimaran. His boat is now sailing.

Don shares the following report with us about how the boat is performing. As you’ll see for yourself, he loves the boat. There are going to be plenty of smiles and lots of fun sailing on the Ottawa River this summer. (It’s also personally rewarding when a boatbuilding project turns out this way). (more…)

CLC Sport Tandem with Double Outriggers (New Update)

more-modified-clc-tandem-kayak-trimaranHere is an update on the CLC Sport tandem double outrigger kayak featured last summer. Sailor Algie Bennett continues to refine and tweak this boat.

He writes:

A quick update for you – a new video of my Sport Tandem kayak/trimaran – kaymaran. I’ve moved the mast and leeboard back 18 inches and got a furling line on the jib which have transformed it.

The improvement is massive: turning quicker and lighter and tacking is nice and predictable. It is now situated just in front of the front cockpit giving more bow volume up front and feels great. (more…)

4.5 M Double Outrigger Sailing Canoe

4.5m-double-outrigger-trimaran-10Small trimaran sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Andrey Titorenko shares his boat with us in this post. Actually, he shares both his online photo album here, with lots of pics and a google translation page filled with relevant info to match his pics. (Andrey’s native language is Russian).

This boat has some unique features. It’s sure to generate some discussions and get the creative juices flowing for more than a few guys with building project of their own.

Many thanks to Andrey for sharing this great looking sailboat with us. (more…)

Heart of Gold Trimaran

heart-of-gold-trimaran-5Sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Berthold Theelen recently finished building this small trimaran in the Philippines. He named it “Heart of Gold.”

Great name. Great looking tri :-)

This tri’s center hull came from a Tiki 21 catamaran. Berthold has “only” got the boat up to about 14 knots at this point because it’s a bit “heavy.” He explains it all in his story of the boat found below … although I find 14 knots for this converted cat to tri project none-too-shabby. But that’s just me :-) (more…)

Searunner 25 Trimaran – Deep Restoration

searunner-25-trimaran-restoration-2As per our previous post regarding this Searunner 25 trimaran … it appears its new owners are wasting no time in restoring her.

John E. sent me lots of great photos of progress so far. (I am amazed at both the speed and skill these guys possess when it comes to boat repair.

Here are just 7 of the restoration pics sent to me. I am attempting to show the depth they are going to fully repair this boat — and even perhaps make it better than new. This will certainly be true of the ama deployment system, which they’ve engineered to make it possible for just one person to unfold the amas on the trailer to get the boat ready for launching on a ramp. (more…)

Searunner 25 Trimaran Restoration in Minnesota

searunner-25-trimaran-in-minnesota-4 Sailor John Ebert and his brother are going to restore a Searunner 25 trimaran in Minnesota. They recently purchased it from someone in Duluth.

The ad for this boat can still be seen on this SailingTexas webpage.

While the boat once sailed on Lake Superior, John is going to sail this classic small tri on the pristine waters of Leech Lake, which is a little bit inland. (Leech sure does look pretty). (more…)

A Grande Small Tri Project

grande-trimaran-1Kayaker Eric Light is putting outriggers on his boat. He has published photos and general info about the building project on his blog, which can be found here.

For a general overview of this project, check out this page: http://golightlythroughthisworld.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page_22.html

Eric writes:

What I liked about Michalak’s “Rio Grande” kayak was that it’s small and yet it has the capacity to carry some gear. I’m hoping to do some camping with it, around the Gulf Islands here, as well as day sailing wherever I can put in locally. (more…)

Ever Heard of a ConverterYacht Trimaran?

coveryacht-trimaran-4Sailor Slava Joukoff sent me the following info and pictures last week. This small trimaran was recently sold to him under the name of “ConverterYacht”, meaning may have been originally sold by a company named “Converter Yachts.”

It’s a trailerable 17-foot sailboat and when the crossbeams are pulled out to full length it has a beam of about 12-feet.

Slava thinks there were several built … although he isn’t sure exactly how many. The boat features a custom-built main hull (fabricated within a proper mould). And the amas were taken from a 14-foot Calypso beach catamaran. (more…)