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Another Bateau Canoe Turned Into a Trimaran

We’ve posted about another small trimaran very similar to this one before. It’s based on a canoe known as the Bateau (free plans can be downloaded from here).

The owner of this boat has posted a number of YouTube videos of his boat. But he created a website featuring pictures and info about his Bateau trimaran here.

Two of his vids are here below. (more…)

K2 Kiteboat Foiling Trimaran

k2-kiteboat-foiling-trimaranJust saw this on Gary Dierking’s blog. He posted one video of a craft called the K2 Kiteboat (it’s a foiling trimaran). Very cool.

There is a website dedicated to sharing information about this boat here – http://project.kiteboat.com/external-videos/k2-kiteboat-sf-bay-2014/ According to this page on the site, the background of this project is as follows:

The Kiteboat Project has existed in some form since 1997, when Don Montague first began attaching kites to boats. Between 1997 and 2006, Don worked with a team in Hawaii to develop kites for use with surfing canoes, small catamarans, and large motored cats; their accomplishments included wave-riding and several island crossings. (more…)

Little Tri Sailing Fast with a Junk Rig

little-tri-under-junk-sail-rigHere is another Little Tri update. This post follows up on our post from last week.

The comments from “Mike,” the builder / owner of this boat, are much appreciated. It’s great to be able to post these sailing videos of the boat he has just finished building.

I’d love to see a crab claw sail on this boat but its junk rig appears to be working well for it. The rig is pretty neat … and boat designer Bernd Kohler has created a great little multihull in this particular craft.

Plans for this sailboat can be obtained from Duckworks. (more…)

Banane – Outrigger Sailing Canoe on the island of Veddoe

The following article comes from Duckworks Magazine. It’s a contribution from multihull sailor Ingmar Ogren, who has created a unique boat by starting out with a regular canoe and transforming it into a double outrigger.

I would only recommend someone with a lot of sailing experience to attempt what he has done here. As he even notes in the article, the craft is still a work in progress, but it’s showing some promise at this point.

Ingmar has named the boat Banane and it must really stand out on the island of Veddoe, in waters between Sweden and Finland. (more…)

Windrider Begins Production of Rave V Trimaran

windrider-rave-v-trimaranI received the following press release from Windrider president Dean Sandberg today. It is reprinted in full below:

WindRider Announces First Five RAVE V Buyers may be Repaid in Full

MINNEAPOLIS – Following years of careful design and development, WindRider has begun production on the RAVE V, a revolutionary hydrofoil sailboat unlike any other foiling boat on the market today. Designed to bring the complex and exhilarating sport of sailing on hydrofoils to the average sailor, the RAVE V displays a level of stability and ease of sailing that cannot be found in other foiling boats – opening it up to a group of sailors who have never before now had the opportunity to fly on the water. In exchange for their initial investment, WindRider is prepared to repay the first five buyers the full purchase price of their RAVE V. (more…)

Little Tri Sporting a Split Junk Rig

little-trimaran-with-split-junk-rigBoat designer Bernd Kohler sent me the link to the following YouTube video. In it, one of Bernd’s customers (Mike) shows off his recently completed Little Tri. (Now will be the best part … he’ll gets to ENJOY the boat :-)

Mike decided to put a split junk rig on his small trimaran and plans to sail the boat in the Texas 200. Congrats to him on his build … and the best to him in the race. (more…)

Cross 18 Trimaran Looking Super Sharp

Classic Cross 18 trimaran  looking fresh!

Classic Cross 18 trimaran looking fresh!

Here is an update from Cross 18 trimaran sailor Eric Dahlkamp. We last heard from Eric in this post. But now he shares the following about this great, classic small trimaran sailboat (By the way, the name of his sailboat is CROSSWINS … kinda cool):

I decided to keep my Cross 18 and am so glad I did! You may be interested to see a short video after my upgrades.

Added tramps and splash rails for less spray, tighter jib sheeting for upwind performance, used Prindle 16 battened main, new custom made roller furling foresail, painted cockpit and gunnels white and added red design highlights, built tiller for multiple sailing positions, added asymmetrical spinnaker, painted mast and boom, added much needed sheet and tramp bags, and more.

She points so tight to the wind it’s uncanny! Performance has increased several notches and visually she’s a lot brighter! A great boat for a 30 year old design and build! She’s still a beauty in my opinion! (more…)

Strike 15 Trimaran – Short Sailing Videos

strike-15-trimaran-test-sail-in-franceHere is another report from Patrick, a sailor who is still very much enjoying his Richard Wood’s designed Strike 15 trimaran in France. A couple short videos below.

Patrick writes the following:

My best day was sailing solo along the pyla sand dune and the bird’s island at the mouth of Arcachon bay during the testsails in June 2014. I am currently sailing on the Cazaux – Sanguinet lake 20 km south of Arcachon (0n the newest videos) and 5 km from the Atlantic shore.

The boat’s performance to day (solo, no crew) is around 10 kt to windward and 13 kt downwind. However it is quickly overpowered owing to his mast length and I suspect it will be faster reefed or with a crew. (more…)

Ezifold Yachts Now Offering Plans for the Buccaneer 24 Trimaran

Building plans (and support) for the Buccaneer 24 Trimaran are now being offered by Ezifold Yachts. Ezfold Yachts is a New Zealand company, and they took over the marketing of the Buc 24 last year.

They believe this design, originally drawn up by Lock Crowther, especially since purchasing and refurbishing an aged Buccaneer 24 sailboat and using it as a test bed for their many design ideas. As a result, Ezifold Yachts is also now finalizing a modernization of the original plans and will be offering these from their website as well. (more…)

Single Outrigger Ulua Soon to Become Double Outrigger

ulua-in-nz-with-one-banana-shaped-amaSailor Den Bullen shares about his Gary Dierking designed Ulua outrigger canoe in this post. He is about to start building another ama to convert it to a trimaran.

The first photo shows the boat’s original, single”banana-shaped” ama, which was later changed to the one with more volume. It’s a beautiful boat, however, whatever ama type is utilized. (Thanks to Den for sharing the below info and pics with us here).

You can check out all of Den’s pics on Flicker (the pics of the boat are mixed in with a lot of other interesting photos – https://www.flickr.com/photos/39922183@N03/sets/72157652221956926

Den wrote … (more…)

Windyak – A Kayak That Converts Into a Trimaran

Our friend Stefano sent me the following link to the WINDYAK. There appears to be a lot of interest in having a paddling kayak that has the ability to convert into a stable sailboat. If that becomes a goal then putting double outriggers on the kayak becomes an attractive idea.

Hence, boats such as the Trika and Windyak seem to be attractive to many folks nowadays. (The images on this page are linked to directly from the Windyak site; visit their site to see many more pics).

The following comes from the introduction page for this boat. (Please keep in mind that the developers are French and this is the “English version” of their information. The writing is fairly good, though not polished in English):

A solution to continue frequently having fun on water is in varying pleasures, when practising a ‘local’ navigation. (more…)

Securing a Mast for Trailing with a Small Trimaran

mast-secured-on-trailer-with-small-multihullHave you ever had challenges trailing the mast to your small trimaran? If so, then here is some very useful information.

I received the following email from one of our readers (who for this post is using his pen name “Wolfdrool.” He emailed the following …

“I have an instructable that describes how to use a ratcheting truckers hitch to secure a mast on a Hobie Bravo (a small catamaran). This will work for trailering a small trimaran, too.

The ratcheting truckers hitch is a new version of that knot, I’m pretty sure. It’s a true ratcheting version of the knot and further uses a clove hitch around the mast to secure the mast side to side, up and down, and fore and aft. (more…)

Sprint Canoe Trimaran in Slovenia

sprint-canoe-main-hull-for-trimaranSlovenian multihull sailor (and Sprint Canoe) enthusiast, Louro, shares the following with us regarding a very unique small tri craft he is currently building. (I had never heard of a “Sprint Canoe” prior to him mentioning it to me).

I am amazed by Louro’s creativity and drive to both conceive of and build this boat. I hope the finished package ends up being a successful design and accomplished his objectives. He hopes to have the boat on the water by this coming June and promises to send us pictures of the final results of this building project. (more…)

Triak for Sale in Northeast US

This isn't Mike's boat; it's a picture of another Traik under sail

This isn’t Mike’s boat; it’s a picture of another Traik under sail

Small trimaran sailor Michael Reddy emailed me a couple weeks ago and shared the following info. He is selling is Triak kayak, which is a great little double outrigger sailing craft. I got to see the Triak firsthand at the Annapolis Boat Show a few years back.

Mike’s email is below if anyone is interested in purchasing this boat.

………………………. (more…)

Building a Wa’apa Double Outrigger

Snapshot of a completed Wa’apa double outrigger canoe on Gary Dierking’s blog

I am slowly progressing with the build of a Wa’apa, designed by Gary Dierking. The first goal is be build a 16-foot version in two 8-foot sections, as described in Gary’s book. A middle 8-foot section can be added in later to lengthen the boat so it becomes a 24-footer … perhaps next summer. This is my current plan anyhow.

Building the boat in sections like this will theoretically give me 2 boats in one — 16′ and 24′ outrigger sailing canoes. All I have to do is build the center 8-foot section, another set of crossbeams and bigger amas in order to make it a 24′ boat. It’ll be nice to swap out pieces whenever I want in order to sail the smaller or larger version on any given day. (more…)

Outriggers and Sail Rigs for Canoes

Not everyone wants to build the parts in order to create a small outrigger. Below are some pre-fabricated outriggers and sail rigs that can be attached to a standard canoe in order to make it an outrigger sailing canoe.

I regard these parts as expensive (in terms of dollars). But the trade off is that if someone doesn’t have tools or want to spend time building then they may be willing to spend a few bucks on parts like the ones found at Easy Rider Kayaks. (more…)

Viroga Sailing Kayak as Trimaran (Or Not)

I discovered the Viroga sailing kayak this past week while reading this page on the Kayarchy website. (The images shown here are linked to directly from the Viroga website).

This boat features just one crossbeam instead of two. And the crossbeam can be removed in order to convert it into a standard paddling kayak. But I think one of the really interesting features of this boat is the sail rig. (more…)

Introducing the Seaclipper 13 (4 Meter) Trimaran

John Marples has just released building plans for another boat in the Seaclipper series — the Seaclipper 13 (4 Meter) trimaran. John continues to be a prolific Multihull designer for those who want to build their own boat at home.

seaclipper-13-4-meter-trimaran-1This boat will feature “swing-wing” akas, which helps make setting up the boat for sailing on the trailer very easy. And it can utilize a sailing rig taken from a Laser dinghy monohull.

John indicates this small trimaran will be ideal for 1 adult sailor or a couple of teens. But one really neat feature of this boat is that it be set up for either tiller steering (on the tramps) or sit-down cockpit style steering. (more…)

Quick Look at the MIND 15 Trimaran (in France)

One of our readers alerted me to a new production small trimaran from France called the MIND Trimaran. It appears to be a fun, versatile sailboat.

It’s advertised as being: stable, easily maneuverable, and simple (no boom, for example). It features a daggerboard and can be set up for either 1 or 2 seats in the center hull. And the sales copy briefly refers to a “igloo tent option.” (I’d like to know more about that). (more…)

Small Treasure Trove of Early AYRS Trimaran Articles

We received the following from sailor (and frequent smalltrimarans.com contributor) Ian McGehee. Wonderful history and also some great pics of small tris from decades ago. And more about Victor Tchetchet (Father of the Modern Trimaran) can be seen here. (The links to the pdfs below are likely the documents referenced in the “Father of the Modern Trimaran” article in the previous link). (more…)

Endorphin Trimaran – Combined Motorboat and Sailboat

Smalltrimarans contributor Ian McGehee sent me a YouTube link to the following video. The builder of this boat calls it the “Endorphin trimaran.” The video is basically a collage of the building pictures for this boat.

I really like a couple of the techniques used to assemble this craft. The crossbeam holders on the vaka, for example, look pretty neat. It may be applicable to other smaller tris. (more…)

Double Outrigger Sailboat in Popular Science Magazine (August 1949)

We’ve previously seen ads for outrigger sailboats in decades-old issues of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Here we link to a full article from 1949 that shows how to build a cartopable small tri.

It’s pretty neat, especially considering the time period. I love stuff like this, partly because it’s reminiscent of a pervasive “can-do” spirit of a bygone era. It’s old-school. (more…)

Double Outrigger Canoe Historical Articles

Our friend Ian McGehee sent the following outrigger canoe links to me today. Ian noted that these articles would nicely fit in with a couple of other posts we’ve done regarding ancient tri history. And so they do.

The text is copied directly from the full articles, which can be found just below each of the text portions below. (more…)

Windrider Trimaran Sailing (& Camping) on Lake Diefenbaker

The following Windrider trimaran videos come to us from Windrider sailor Rod McLaren. In them, Rod shares his sailing-camping trips from 2013 and 2014 on Canada’s Lake Diefenbaker. Rod and his buddies show why these boats are ideal for exactly the type of outdoor adventure on display.

In the first video Rod uses a very cool phrase I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent … it’s just that, for some reason, it never stood out to me before. (more…)

WindRider Launching New RAVE V Hydrofoil Sailing Trimaran

The following press release (and short promo video) for the new RAVE hydrofoil model was just sent to me by Dean Sanberg, President of Windrider. I am reprinting the release here below in its entirety.

I’ve heard many times the original RAVE, produced and sold back in the 90s, offered an exhilarating thrill ride. It’ll be good to hear from sailors how this boat performs under sail. It’ll also be good to get feedback regarding durability and setup time for a trailered boat on a launch ramp. (more…)

Slingshot 19 Trimaran Building Plans Now On Deck

Small Trimaran sailor and DIY builder Frank Smoot is now offering plans for the 19-foot version of his “Slingshot” model. He has been working on publishing these since the building plans for the 16-foot Slingshot were unveiled.

The following information comes from Frank and is a concise write-up detailing this new sailboat. And in case you’re interested, here is an audio recording of me and Frank talking about the 16-footer. (more…)