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piver-nugget-trimaran-for-sale-in-cali-1bSailor Greg Hardt is selling his Piver Nugget trimaran. (We featured Greg’s boat awhile back in this post here.)

He has just bought a new Hallberg Rassy 35 and says it’s time to let the Nugget go. His contact info is below for anyone interested in this boat.

Great writes:

This 24 foot Piver Nugget was built at Lasco Marine in El Viso California back in 1966. She has cold mold fiber glass hulls, two masts, three main sails, three jibs and a spinnaker.

The hulls fold down to make her trailer able and the trailer is also included. Both are currently registered.

I’ve sailed her for the last 15 years in Northern California. She is a sweet sail and would make a great restoration project for someone interested in Classic Multihulls.

Any day on the water is great … it’s really nice when there’s a nice breeze and an ama comes out of the water.

— Greg

Update 12-01-16: Greg informed me the boat is now SOLD! (His buyer actually saw it listed for sale here on smalltrimarans … cool :-)