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cross-18-trimaran-photo-9Let’s see if we can help make a “Cross Multihulls” connection here. Sailor Neal Strong is trying to get in touch with Jeff Turner, who has been the custodian for Norm Cross’ multihull designs for a good number of years.

Can anyone reading this help Neal connect with Jeff so they can do some “multihull business”? That is the essence of Neal’s message to the small tri community below.


I’m writing to ask for your assistance regarding my attempts to contact Mr. Jeff Turner about his “custodianship” of the Norman Cross trimaran designs.

I’m a big fan of the Cross designs and find them timeless, beautiful and amazingly well thought out. It’s hard to beat the interior layout and deck space of the larger cruising designs, nor the exhilaration and “smiles per nautical mile” one experiences sailing his smaller designs.

I would like to see if anyone knows how I might reach Mr. Turner, as I’d like to discuss with him my desire to “purchase the rights to” or “buy-out his custodianship of” the Norman Cross archives and plans.

I’m a businessman, avid sailor and amateur boat builder/restorer.

My goal would be to make these plans more readily available to the public and promote the Norman Cross designs world-wide to a whole new generation of builder/owners, as well as current and former builder/owners.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in my attempts to reach Mr. turner, and please feel free to forward my contact information to anyone who may be in contact with him.

Wishing you “fair winds & following seas”…

Neal Strong
nstrong65 AT gmail.com
(239) 980-7229