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predator-trimaran-molds-availableURGENT Predator Trimaran News …

I interviewed developer Paul Dawson about the Predator trimaran concept in my 2nd book. Loved the concept and features of his approach for offering sailors a commercially-produced and affordable trailerable tri.

The very limited market for these boats in his area, however, has made it a tough place for the venture to be commercially successful. Paul has the molds for these boats stored in a boatyard that now wants them off their property. This could be a great opportunity for someone with the means to acquire these molds and set up their own small trimaran business very quickly … provided they like the concept of the Predator trimaran(s).

I just received the following email from Paul (below) and he’d love to hear from anyone interested in acquiring the molds for this boat (valued initially at many thousands of dollars) for FREE. If you, or anyone else is interested however, Paul needs to hear from you quickly. His email address is: mailpdawson AT gmail.com

Paul Dawson wrote …

… I have held onto the molds and moved them from boatyard to boatyard but now the crunch has come in that the yard in which they are located wants them removed … I’m therefore offering them to anyone who is interested as I would love to see more boats built from these molds.

They comprise as follows:

Predator 21 – hull, deck, cabin, centerboard, transom.
Predator 17 – hull, deck, centerboard, beam covers.

These molds are located in Chon Buri, Thailand and will all fit into a 40 foot container. Freight from Thailand to the U.S. is really cheap.

I will of course give all my support, knowledge and design ideas to anyone who takes this on.

Perhaps you can run this by a few of your contacts. I think it is a great opportunity to pick up $40 to $50 000 worth of molds for free !!

All the details of the boats, molds and ideas are on www.predatortri.com

If you can help, that would be great, but it is super urgent !

Many, many thanks,
Paul Dawson