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When our smalltri friend Hans Schipper sent us the following info I wasn’t going to post it. The craft is not, after all, a proper small trimaran.

Then I took a closer look at his ideas for daggerboard and rudder and it just seemed like I must post his pics and short vids. What he has created is very creative. And as always seems to be the case with Hans, they display an incredible amount of thought process when it comes to solving whatever the issue(s) at hand.

Pics … and even a short video below. And so, thanks to Hans for once again sharing some very cool stuff with us!


Hans writes:

I hope you will post this story of “nearly a trimaran”.

Before I start remodelling the centre hull of the cool finn I made a foam hull for a inflatable sailing kayak that I use as a dinghy with my motorsailer. I could not make it a trimaran cause I cannot mount a mast, rudder and daggerboard to a inflatable boat. So I put all the things for sailing on a board and added the kayak and the ama to it and it sails well for a dinghy.

The kayak is from dropstichmaterial, the same material as they make inflatable sup-boards. I am satisfied about how it sails and it gave me good practice for my next project.

It sails very well and comfortable, sitting on the inflatable chairs. With the ama at the downwindside, the boat seduces less and is a bit faster. up to 3 beaufort there is no danger of turning over when sitting on the lower side. With more wind you can sit on the shelf but it does not feel comfortable with more wind. The front passenger gets wet by the waves.

There comes a lot of power on the plywood shelf so I had to make it stronger. I used a piece of wood with a fingerjoint what was not strong enough. Maybe I make a new shelf and then I place the daggerboard about 5 inch to the front. The rig and rudder is from an old inflatable catamaran made in the seventies by Semperit, an Austrian tyre factory. You can see the age at the type of sail logo.

The furling jib, what is a part of holding the mast up, is one of my modifications of the rig but it needs some help by hand by rolling up. So there are little things to improve but I am satisfied with the result. We had a lot of fun with it to have the boat with us on holiday and sailing on Frisian lakes and the Wadden Sea.

Nearly all the material I used, I had somewhere in my shed so there is becoming more space in it!

I used couplings for drain pipe for the ama and the alu pipes and connectors I found at the scrapeyard.
The 10 foot ama has a weight from only10 kg. The kayak is mounted with two tires.

I call it “Briesje” , the Dutch word for Breeze because i think it is safe and useful on both sides for wind up to three beaufort.

I hope you will post this “strange duck in the pond” as we say in dutch.

I was thinking about the definition of a trimaran. Is it a boat in three parts or three hulls? When the center part touches the water in this case by the daggerboard and the rudder you might as well call this a trimaran ;-)

Warm regards,
Hans Schipper

An impression how it sails –