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Here is a neat story, published by the Monterey Herald, about a restored Piver trimaran in Santa Cruz, CA. It was built in 1964 and then, shortly afterwards, put away in storage for 40 years.


This trimaran was built by a (then) college kid in the space of a year. And it’s typical of the spirit of the times. Backyard builders built lots of multihulls during the 60s on into the early 70s.

Mr. Piver was a great promoter. And sold tons of plans. But even though he eventually designed several trimaran models, many sailors would argue the Nugget was always his best.

Here is the intro to the article, which you can finish reading by clicking on the link at the end …

“Local sailing legend was made at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor Sunday as the tight-knit sailing community gathered to celebrate the launch of a recently restored trimaran that had been out of the water for 39 years.

The 24-foot, multi-hulled sailboat Kaija was built by Kurt Larsen of Pleasure Point in 1964, stored for almost 40 years and given to Niels Kisling of Capitola two years ago.

Kisling, a historian for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club and board member of the Capitola Historical Museum, held court Sunday at a relaunch party outside the yacht club.

“I’m a softy for history so I did this for everyone,” he said. “Kaija is the people’s boat. I’ve invited anyone to go sailing. And it’s just really cool that Kaija has brought so many people back together. The sailing community has really rallied around.”

Larsen, 70, started the Kaija project in his parents’ Santa Clara frontyard in the early 1960s, while he was in college and his parents were in Europe. He went to Sausalito to meet the designer of the then-new trimaran, Arthur Piver, and was given a set of plans for a design dubbed the Nugget, Kisling said. … cont …click here to finish reading about this Piver Nugget Trimaran in Monterey.