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Trailerable trimaran enthusiast Abel D. sent me the following 4 photos of the Argonauta trimaran he is restoring. The Argonauta is certainly on the larger side of “small” tris. But since it can be trailered (because of its folding amas) we include it here.

It’s hard not to be amazed at the ingenuity of the Argonauta’s designer, Dick Newick. At 27′ LOA, the main bunk is directly behind the sailing cockpit. And the sailor gets to face straight ahead and steer the boat with a wheel instead of an aft tiller.

Another Newick design, the Somersault 26 trimaran, can be seen here.

When Abel sent me these pics, he said the sailboat was in need of lots of TLC when he bought it a year and a half ago. It has obviously undergone a lot of work since then. But Abel hopes to have it painted within the next few weeks. This will allow him to take time during the winter to carefully bolting pieces back together while preparing for a spring (re)launch of this classic tri.

Ama sections for a Newick-designed Argonauta trimaran

Argonauta trimaran amas

Front view of an Argonauta trimaran under restoration

Side view of Abel’s Argonauta trimaran

The small number of Argonauta’s produced were factory-built at the Tremolino Boat Company, which is now closed. A friend of Mr. Newick was the chief entrepreneur/boatbuilder during its operation. And I’ve heard this gentleman really loved building the trimarans designed by Dick, especially the smaller (and better known) Tremolino model.

The following photos (just below) are linked to from this webpage, which contains a very good summary article about the Argonauta design. They show how Abel’s boat is going to look after it finally gets on the water again.

The ARGONAUTA Trimaran designed by Dick Newick