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The Sardine Run 19 appears to be a new design from Allel Behidj, the boss of Sardine Run boatyard. We featured the first Sardine Run trimaran, designed by Eric Henseval, here.

One obvious point of difference between this one and the first is its specious open cockpit. This one is obviously intended for some serious daysailing. (Thanks to Brain Pearson for sharing this one with us)!

Here is the webpage on the Sardine Run website that fully describes this boat (in French) – http://www.sardineboats.com/voiliers/sardine-run-19/ The pictures above and below are linked to directly from this page.

The page on the Sardine Run 19’s information page (according to Google’s translation tool) says this new boat is the “small big brother of the Sardine Run 5m50). The launch is scheduled for the fall. Go to that page to find out more.