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A gentleman named Don Kerr (from Fallston, Maryland) recently contacted me regarding the Seaclipper 16 trimaran he began building. (You can read more about the Seaclipper 16 on the designer’s website here and here.)

As you can read below, he is unable to complete the build.
Update 08-04-17: Don has now SOLD all of the below items.

Dear SmallTrimarans Readers,

I purchased boatbuilding plans for a Seaclipper 16 trimaran from John Marples in January of this year. Unfortunately I won’t be able to complete the boat as I just had both of my knees replaced and my wife and I are selling our house and moving into a 2 bedroom condo.

I have the required watertight hatches per the plans. And I have also purchased a 14 ft. Hobie Cat Turbo with its mast, main sail and jib (which is the recommended rig for the Seaclipper 16), with its trailer, that has new 10 inch wheels, a new mobile stand, and new lights. (Neither the trailer or boat is currently registered.)

I have completed the SC 16’s amas as per the building plans but they are not fiber-glassed. (See pics below)

This would make a great project for someone that would like to build this boat as all the components are here. I’d like to get $900 for all that I have listed. I could deliver it if the buyer lives within a one way distance of 75 miles.
— Don

Update 08-04-17: Don has now SOLD all of the below items.