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seapearl-trimaran-in-wisconsin-7The below info comes from a Craigslist ad featuring a double outrigger SeaPearl sailboat (the trimaran version) for sale. This particular boat, by the way, is currently in Wisconsin.

I touched based with the owner and got his permission to re-post the info about his SeaPearl here.

It turns out he has been sailing multihulls since the late 60’s. Just a couple years out of high school, he purchased one of those (now classic) Malibu Outrigger boats (which was a single outrigger) and rebuilt the akas while also duplicating the ama so he could sail the boat as a trimaran.

Many years later, as he was searching for a retirement boat that he could also share with his young grandsons, he settled on the SeaPearl — fitted with the double outriggers, of course. He also told me he is a big fan of having an unstayed cat-ketch rig on a small multihull. (I hope to get some more info from him regarding that for a new post soon.)

In the meantime, anyone interested in inquiring about the purchase of this boat may do so by going to the ad for it, which can be found at http://madison.craigslist.org/boa/5911509464.html

And if you want to read a lot more about the SeaPearl sailboat itself then this page at Marine Concepts (the developer) is somewhere you also want to visit.



seapearl-trimaran-in-wisconsin-1If you are looking for a day sailer which can be set up, launched and sailed away in 15 minuets; and a sailboat safe and welcoming for small children; and can be sailed in a foot of water on small lakes, Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico; and that can be towed behind all but the smallest cars; and that will sleep 2 beach cruisers in dry and wind proof comfort; you should take a look at the 1999 SeaPearl Tri I have for sale.

I purchased her in 2006 in Minnesota from the estate of the first owner, based on the criteria described above. I would say it had been lightly used and stored well. She is Seafoam Green with an off white deck, white sails with a grey bottom paint and canvas. The gelcoat on the hull still has its unwaxed sheen in many places. Except for 3 Cedar key and Chesapeake Bay cruises this is a fresh water boat.

seapearl-trimaran-in-wisconsin-2While fast, she is not not the fastest Trailer Tri, but she is the fastest trailer to sailing trimaran design due to her features of unstayed masts (yes 2 of them but no wires to hold them up) and her hinged out riggers(no pins or bolts) fold em out, fold them in, on the trailer or in the water.

The sails are vertical battened so that they are reefed, furled and stored wrapped around the mast, each of which has a full length cover for storage and transport. I would rate their shape and drawing power as good to very good. She has an extra main and mizzen, vertical battens but with UV damage and repairs, functional but not pretty.

seapearl-trimaran-in-wisconsin-3It has the anchor kit with cast bronze deck fittings for the 11lb claw, stored on the bow; removable navigation light kit on a 12 v. battery, switches and accessory plug. The motor-mount is on the rudder with a 2hp Honda 4 stroke.

It comes with a tonneau cover for the fore cockpit. It has custom designed and built wing mounted dodgers, on stainless steel frames. These clam shell up for a ‘Birdwatcher’ style cabin, the full length ‘hatchway’ being enclosed by mosquito netting or a battened awning. When raised it encloses the wings and forward cockpit.

seapearl-trimaran-in-wisconsin-4This creates a large, protected living space with standing headroom under the awning and allows for using the wings for storage, clearing the whole center cockpit for camp space. When lowered the dodgers store covered on the outer edges of the wings. See the pictures in the photo section.

She rides on a galvanized Continental tilt, bunk trailer. While the trailer is equipped with bearing buddies she can be launched and retrieved without putting the hubs under water at most ramps.

While this boat is prized by experienced sailers because of the criteria I began with, she is a very good beginners boat, especially if young children are along.