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Sailor John Ebert and his Searunner 25 trimaran are in Florida for a few months this winter. So neat!

He is currently living aboard and daysailing (with his cat along no less too), and just messing about the Gulf near Panama City. He has also been having some fun exploring nearby shoalwaters and bayous.

Oh, and be sure to check out the pics of John’s outboard motor controller he has from the cockpit.

He has put sooooooooo much work into this boat during the restoration process. I told him he just may have the most “souped-up” Searunner 25 in the world!

Regarding the outboard motor setup, John says:

I converted a Nissan 4 hp 4 stroke outboard (now Tohatsu) to remote control from the center cockpit! It is marvelous!

It makes landing into the marina slip single-handed at least possible with minimum mayhem, and super fun to just drive around like a motor boat!

I get one hour on .4 gallons of gas so my 3.5 gallon tank in the aft anchor hatch should get me about 35 miles? Yet to see….but on my list to measure.

Update 12/04/17: Video by John added below…