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The following comes from sailor Bob Paine. He combined a Snipe sailboat with Hobie amas and created the following small tri.


Snipe-Hobie Trimaran

By Bob Paine

Here’s a little 15″Snipe with Hobie 14′ amas (see below)
that I put together and have been sailing on Lake Howard (Winter Haven, florida).

I just started sailing about 12 years ago. I told my wife I might like to try sailing and she dragged a small rebel dingy home that I saw in the News Chief classifieds. I tried that for about a year and a half until I realized that the inner hull would fill with water when capsized and could not be righted.

After dealing with this about 2-3 times, I switched to a Laser. I liked the sensitivity but did not like the sail not being able to raise and lower. So I bought a Catalina Sport at the boat show in about 2007. Sailed that on my lake in Winter Haven but really did not need a cabin for the lake so I sold it about two years ago.

Then I picked up the Snipe off craigslist about two years ago but it was too much boat for one person (even with a reef). So I picked up the Hobie 14 amas on craigslist for 100 dollars about two months ago and used a one by eight by 12 and a one by six by 12 to mount them and put a choker with a winch under the boat.

She sails beautifully and I wouldn’t change anything. She is very stable and docile (and have a reef f it gets too dicey). I am very happy with this one. The akas are very flexible but seem sturdy enough. I hope to sail this one for awhile. Don’t think I’ll be going back to monohull any time soon.

— Bob