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searail-tri-windcheck-magThe below links to an article at WindCheck Magazine. It’s a short summary of several commercially produced small trimarans offered in today’s marketplace.

It’s an introductory article, primarily geared towards complete small tri novices, but still worthwhile to post for anyone just getting interested in trying to find out more information about these craft.


Small Trimarans are Taking Off!
Posted by WindCheck Magazine

The daysailing trimaran market has grown tremendously in the last few years. This is largely because the three-hull platform certainly makes more sense for the way many people want to sail.

Compared to either a monohull or a catamaran, a trimaran is amazingly stable. This can be attributed to its length to beam ratio. Compared to other small boats, a trimaran will heel less and have more deck space. There are some trimarans that are as beamy as they are long and, of course there are trade-offs to consider … click here to read the complete article on WindCheck Magazine’s website