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Sailor Eric Dahlkamp is working on a new boatbuilding project. This means he may soon have another boat to try out in a future Texas 200 sailing event.

This one is a small camp-cruising sailboat. Eric explains the thoughts behind this one, along with a few pics, just below.

Included are a couple concept renderings to help us see his vision for this small craft. Pretty neat.

Once again, we are indebted to him for sharing this project with us!


Small Camp-Cruising Sailing Trimaran Project
by Eric Dahlkamp

Here’s my latest little project to put more adventure into the adventure!

Am building a less than 12′ expedition tri. Camp sailing is the intent. Sleep aboard under boom tent.

Fitted demountable side seats will become the 38″x78″ bed platform set down in the vaka hull. In-out sliding akas for rowing and trailering. Multiple seat positions for whatever. Fore and aft bulkheads with decking for added floatation and watertight storage compartments.

Started with a Snark Sundancer. Used expanded polyurethane foam to add gunnel height and shape more pleasing sheer and bow lines. Shaped and glassed 8′ foam amas. Boat will be glassed inside and out using epoxy. Light, unsinkable and pretty tough. Won’t be a fast boat, but will carry a modest one man load for her size. And be super stable!

Likely will remove dagger board trunk for added interior space in favor of swivel leeboard for extra thin water passage. And deffinately will install some serious full length splash rails to keep her as dry as possible. Lastly, will find a way to add a small shade canopy to cover the forward facing rear seat while underway.

Rig will be single double reefable loose-footed main with boom. Something heavier than the original anyway. No jib. Unstayed mast.

If she works, the 2020 Texas 200, or Mississippi 110, is the venue goal…I think. I’ll be 70 so will have to wait and see. But, between now and then I get to sail Crosswins. Yeah!

The day will surely come when Crosswins will just be more boat than I want to set up and handle, so that’s the plan … a small light stable simple camp sailer. Will update you went complete.