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We first heard about the Spirit 422 trimaran in this post here. And now it seems Italian sailors / boat developers Paolo and Danilo (Paul and Daniel) are now seeing their dream become a production boat reality.

I received the following email from Paul this week (Since Paul wrote to me in Italian, the following is derived from Google’s “translate” feature):

It is still Paul and Danilo that after a long time and after all the efforts we have reached the end of our adventure, our trimaran is finally in production and as a start we set up a small site that is visible at the following web address. We would be pleased to receive your opinion.

Spirit 422 website – http://trimarano.wixsite.com/troisforone

Our opinion is that we love it … and we wish them every success in this venture! Be sure to go to their website (above) and also check out the YouTube video (below) …