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Multihull designer Richard Woods is at it again. Although known primarily for his catamaran designs, Richard designed a new small trimaran model called the Strike 18 and started offering plans for it just last year. Now he is in the process of designing 2 other small tris that will bear the “Strike” moniker.

As detailed in More Small Trimarans, the Strike name is a variant of Richard’s famous trailerable, high performance catamaran called The Strider. Despite his love affair with cats, Richard actually has enjoyed a lot of experience with sailing trimarans throughout his career. (This was a very cool and interesting fact that came out in my interview with him).

The newest boat will be the Strike 14 Trimaran … followed afterwards by the Strike 16 Trimaran. While he hasn’t released a lot of info about these new models yet, Richard writes the following inside the NEW DESIGNS section of his website:

The Strike 16 uses parts from the Pixie or Quattro 14. Thus usually only the mainhull needs making, a great saving in time and effort. The big open cockpit is similar to the Strike 18, while the windscreen raises the boom comfortably above head height and reduces spray and wind chill.

The Strike 14, however, is a complete design and doesn’t use parts from other boats. The main hull is stitch and glue tortured ply, while the outriggers are partly ply and partly solid foam, glassed over. Although it is light enough to cartop (under 100kgs all up), trailering (disassembled beam is only 1.5m, 5ft) is a much more sensible option.

In some respects it is akin to a Stealth with “training wheels”. The addition of the jib and asymmetric spinnaker will easily offset the extra weight and drag from the two outriggers. So it will be a fast boat! It will take two people but is really intended as a singlehander.

Click here to visit Richard’s website and read more about the Strike 18 Trimaran (as well as check for updated info about these coming Strike 14 and Strike 16 Trimarans.