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strike-16-trimaran-excellent-build-3Sailor Richard Oates is selling the Strike 16 trimaran he built. As you will read below, he hasn’t sailed the boat much due to health issues (which is why he is now offering it for sale).

Richard has re-rigged it in a way that many sailors might like. You’ll see that he has gone the extra mile in the construction process too.

For more background on this particular design, you can read our first post about the Strike 16 here. There are, however, many posts about the Strike 16 on this site, which you can find using the search box feature.

Richard shares the following info and pictures below.

Update – 09/05-16: This boat is no longer for sale … it’s now off the market.

My Strike 16 Trimaran
by Richard Oates

I have built this Richard Woods Strike 16 folding trimaran over the past two or three years (with a gap of 6 months in the process, as I cut off the end of a finger with a belt sander!) Unfortunately, health problems have prevented me from sailing her much, I think she is perhaps a bit of a younger man’s boat, I am 67 and have now purchased a cruiser.

The boat is based on a Pixie 14 beach cat, and indeed can still be sailed as such as I have the original cross beams and trampoline. I also had the idea of being able to use the main hull as a fast motor launch, and obtained a pair of Newcat 12 hulls, fabricated brackets so these could be easily and quickly bolted under the main hull to form a compact motorised tri. I added an extra outboard mount to the stern so she could be powered by twin 5hp motors.

I used to do a lot of dingy cruising in a Wayfarer and liked the idea of building something which would do that but with more security. I have always liked the Farrier and Dragonfly Tris but they are way beyond my budget, so I thought the Richard Woods design would be a good sea boat. Also I saw a Pixie 14 for sale which helped me decide.

I also decided that the original Pixie mast on top of the cabin roof was rather high up, and more difficult to put up, so I converted her to a twin masted rig, with a Topper mizzen mast and bowsprit. As yet I have not tried this configuration, but it gets the sail area up to about 18m2, which I think would be the top end for this boat and she should move rather well with it.

I have actually now decided to sell up, partly owing to health issues and of owning too many boats so she is available in the North West, complete with road trailer. I have decided to ask £4500, which I feel is pretty reasonable considering the cost and work involved, and the fact that it must be a one-off opportunity to obtain such a folding tri, plus production models are very much more expensive.

I am a retired architect and have built boats and many other things in the past, I know about ply and epoxy, she is a good well made boat.

Photos of Strike 16 trimaran …

The first 2 photos here show the boat prior to any rigging.



These next 3 images show the original rigging, with mast, sails and amas from a Pixie 14 catamaran. Note the mast mounted on top of the cuddy.




And here are 2 pictures of after this small trimaran’s conversion to a twin masted rig.