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Still More on the Classic Piver Nugget Trimaran (Jim Brown Audio Interview)

jim-brown-sailing-his-piver-nugget-trimaran-late-1950sHere we feature one more short audio interview with Jim Brown talking about the Piver Nugget tri. In this audio clip, Jim talks specifically about certain Nugget design features that all came together very well.

Jim’s explanation really coveys how the Nugget’s design offered self-builders an opportunity to get out on the water and experience multihull fun … on a budget. And the word “budget” is key here.

Economy. Affordability. Accessibility. (more…)

Piver Nugget Still Sailing Strong

old-piver-nugget-trimaran-under-sail-2Sailor Greg Hardt shares about his Piver Nugget trimaran in this post. The Nugget is a classic small tri design that helped popularize multihulls in the 1960s.

The cabin makes it an idea boat to use for camp-cruising. And it’s spacious enough to offer a larger degree of comfort than many trailerable tris.

This one that is still turning heads (after many years) on the water. Many thanks to Greg the info and pictures with us. (more…)

Jim Brown’s Multihull Pioneers Videos

Jim Brown has just released 2 videos about “the Multihull Pioneers” of the 20th century. There is a good mix of both trimarans and catamarans in these 2 videos, which you can view right here. (These videos are short versions of much larger ones).

This stuff is priceless! And it’s pure fun regardless of whether one prefers trimarans or catamarans (or even proas). Every multihull enthusiast should take these videos and promote them far and wide on the web. Small trimaran fans will especially enjoy the section on Arthur Piver, and his circa 1950s-60s trimarans, such as the Piver Nugget. (more…)

Piver 24 Nugget Trimaran — Vintage History

Multihull enthusiast Reuben Filsell sent the following link to me. The webpage offers booklets that feature compiled information from old articles and boat plans.

This page contains a booklet for a vintage small trimaran … a Piver 24′ Nugget. The booklet isn’t expensive, and might make for some fun reading for multihullers who love those early classic designs. (more…)