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Windrider Signs Deal to Sell Astus Trimarans in the US

Windrider has just Signed a deal with Astus Boats to sell their trimarans in the United States. The online version of the marine industry magazine, “Trade Only Today,” posted this news a few days ago (on August 27th).

That’s pretty neat. I’ve periodically wondered when (if) somebody would become an Astus dealer here in the US. The Astus trimarans are featured in the book, “More Small Trimarans.” You can also find out more about them at the website of one of their European dealers here. (more…)

The Benefits of Trailing & Sailing Trimarans

I interviewed Stephen Walker from Ahoy Boats, which serves as the UK’s Astus & Magnum trimarans distributor, for the first Small Trimarans book. And in the years since I’ve spoken to him, it appears his promotion of small tris is stronger than ever.

Stephen is an avid sailor and wealth of specialized knowledge. It’s hard to be bored when listening to him talk about trimarans. (more…)