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Small Camp-Cruising Sailing Trimaran Project

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp is working on a new boatbuilding project. This means he may soon have another boat to try out in a future Texas 200 sailing event.

This one is a small camp-cruising sailboat. Eric explains the thoughts behind this one, along with a few pics, just below.

Included are a couple concept renderings to help us see his vision for this small craft. Pretty neat.

Once again, we are indebted to him for sharing this project with us!

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Camp-Cruising & Coastal Sailing in the XCR Trimaran

When I first corresponded with small trimaran enthusiast Kellan Hatch a couple weeks ago he shared that he was also working on a design referred to as the XCR trimaran. Kellan had written, “My current project is an 18.5 foot expedition canoe trimaran that was designed by Chris Ostlind. I have attached a photo of my wife and I sailing the XCR on a recent camping cruise on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Chris did most of the construction and I’m making some mods and finishing up the details.” (more…)