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The Collage Beach Trimaran

Multihull designer Chris Ostlind has been busy. I received an email from Chris a couple of days ago announcing another brand new small trimaran.

This one follows on the heels of a small tri he just released to the world a couple weeks ago — the Montage. The one, however, is a little bigger, but very similar to that one, and Chris calls this design the “Collage.” (more…)

Announcing the Montage (Beach) Trimaran – for Homebuilders

Multihull designer Chris Ostlind fell in love with sailing during the heyday of the beach cat scene in southern California. He used to love shredding around the harbor in Long Beach California on beach cats. So it’s no surprise that he’s designed a new “beach tri.”

Chris’ new “Montage” trimaran design is a homebuildable alternative to production models such as The Weta. (more…)