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The Collage Beach Trimaran

Multihull designer Chris Ostlind has been busy. I received an email from Chris a couple of days ago announcing another brand new small trimaran.

This one follows on the heels of a small tri he just released to the world a couple weeks ago — the Montage. The one, however, is a little bigger, but very similar to that one, and Chris calls this design the “Collage.” (more…)

Z65 Trimaran Designed to be Economical

When I spoke to boat designer Chris Ostlind about the Z65 he told me that he wanted to create a small tri for “a guy who has a beach cat sitting in the garage. The beach cat has been there for the past few years, and he’s no longer using it because now he’s got a small family.”

A sailor used to a high performance beach cat may have a hard time converting to a monohull. But this trimaran may be a great solution. (more…)