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Small Camp-Cruising Sailing Trimaran Project

Sailor Eric Dahlkamp is working on a new boatbuilding project. This means he may soon have another boat to try out in a future Texas 200 sailing event.

This one is a small camp-cruising sailboat. Eric explains the thoughts behind this one, along with a few pics, just below.

Included are a couple concept renderings to help us see his vision for this small craft. Pretty neat.

Once again, we are indebted to him for sharing this project with us!

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Quadmaran Success

Sailor David K. sent me the following report (a couple days ago) of the initial sea trial of his “quadmaran.” As you’ll read below, he is very happy with the result of his Hobie-Bravo-with-outriggers modification.

I’ll update this post with pics as soon as David sends them to us. (And many thanks to him for taking time to share this project craft with us!) (more…)

Small Trimaran in Wellington, New Zealand

small-trimaran-in-wellington-nz-1This small trimaran in Wellington NZ comes to us from sailor Brian Nelson. He provides a great summary of this boat along with a few pictures.

Brian didn’t build this boat but is certainly going to enjoy sailing it. This craft is estimated to be about 16 feet LOA and offers comfortable cockpit seating for a single sailor.

(Thank you for sharing your unique boat with us Brain :-)

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Self-Built 16 Foot Trimaran Sailing

homebuilt-16-foot-trimaran-under-sailHere are a couple of videos featuring a self-built 16-foot trimaran sailing. This small tri was constructed by sailor Mike Perras and it appears he did a very nice job. (I found these vids on Mike’s YouTube channel).

I’d like to get some more info about this tri and am hoping to hear from Mike so I can post some pictures and details about this sailboat in the near future. (more…)

A-Cat Hull Used for Trimaran

Chris Ostlind is currently building a new small trimaran that sports a main center hull taken from a beach cat. It looks great. Below is an actually picture of the boat now, as it’s being built and also a “mock-up” photo of what Chris envisions it will look like on the beach when it’s finally finished (and repainted).

Be sure to click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing. Oh, by the way, I’d love to see what guys are building now; contact me about your building projects for posting here so we can see what’s happening out there in small tri land :-) (more…)

Working Model for the TRIX 12 Trimaran Design

Here is sailor Walter Monici once again, now featuring an expanded version of his 10-foot TRIX Trimaran model. This one is designed to be 12-foot LOA.

Walter sent me the images of the working model (below) along with an explanation of his intentions for this new boat. Basically, he is intending this small tri to be used primarily in rivers with paddles and oars. (more…)

This Trimaran – WILL IT WON’T IT

Sailor Ernie Maude had a big question about his trimaran. In this post, he shares the story and pictures (and short video) about his self-built tri WILL IT WON’T IT. It’s a good ole’ DIY yarn too.

As you’ll see, Ernie pushed past small issues (such as the front end of his boat breaking off). And he is always thinking about how to improve the boat. He plans a few more changes this year in order to squeeze out as much performance as he can from this small tri. (more…)

A Custom Built 10 Foot Trimaran Called Trix

Sailor Walter Monici has designed this 10-foot trimaran he calls TRIX. He writes and shares photos of her from his home in Milan, Italy. (TRIX measures approximately 305 cm in length and 295 cm wide).

What is great is that Walter shares both what he likes about the boat and what he thinks can be improved upon. This little tri already has him thinking about building another (a little bit longer — around 11-feet). (more…)

An 8-Foot Mystery Trimaran (Now Revealed)

Small trimaran sailor and enthusiast Fred F. sent me the following photos a few days ago. He is asking for the help of anyone in our little small tri community here to identify this particular model. At the moment, it’s a little mystery.

This baby is a true “dinghy.” Take a look at the photos Fred sent to us and see if you’ve ever seen it. I’ll post an “update” if someone identifies it … okay guys :-) (more…)

Plans for a True Small Trimaran at Chesapeake Light Craft

A new small trimaran may be in the works from the guys at Chesapeake Light Craft. It’s an idea that John Harris, President of CLC, has had for awhile. (I know this because I first spoke to him last year about it).

Actual development, however, sounded far off. So I was really appreciative when one of our readers here at smalltrimarans emailed me a link to the following webpage that he’d recently discovered on CLC’s website. (more…)

Jim Brown Talks with Frank Smoot About Small Trimarans

Jim Brown interviewed small trimaran sailor and self-boatbuilder Frank Smoot on the topic of small trimarans last week. In this audio clip featured on YouTube (below), Frank shares how he got into building and sailing his own homemade trimarans. Frank even started his own website so he could post free information about them at www.DIY-tris.com.

In the full audio interview (in MP3) from which this clip is taken, Frank talks about some of the techniques that he uses to create boats that are both lightweight and strong … yet inexpensive (as compared to typical boatbuilding costs). (more…)

Sliding Aka System for Small Trimaran

The DIY trimaran enthusiast — Frank S. — shares his new “sliding aka system” with us in this post. The photos below are just a sample of what you’ll find on his website at DIY-Tris.com (If you recall, the last modification on this trimaran was the addition of new amas.)

Frank generously offers the details behind the new sliding crossbeams, which makes both trailering and set-up to go sailing, a faster, more convenient process. (more…)

On Building and Sailing a Seaclipper 16 Trimaran

In my previous Seaclipper 16 Trimaran post, we discovered sailor Gerry Lavoie’s new sailboat. Gerry has published his own Seaclipper 16 blog, which covers this project, and also discusses its launch this past Spring. I hope he continues to update it because the writing is very good and also includes a nice, personal touch. (more…)

A DIY Homebuilt 16 Foot Trimaran Design

Small Trimaran enthusiast Jim Gallant let me know about a new small trimaran that he designed (and is currently building). This isn’t the kind of thing anyone who doesn’t have a lot of sailing experience or building skills should undertake. But Jim is a true “do-it-yourselfer” sailor who possesses the background to undertake such a project.

And we get to benefit … thanks to his willingness to share it with us :-) (more…)

Classic Supernova Trimaran Brochure and Pictures

Sailor Doug Green shares these classic “Supernova Trimaran” brochure images, inserts and pictures (from the 1980s) with us in this post. He also asked a knowledgable friend about this model, who shared some more info. These images (and info) are a great follow up to the first blog post regarding the Supernova trimaran.

The designer of the Supernova trimaran was Ib Pors Nielsen. Among the Supernova trimaran’s advertised features/benfits are: (more…)