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Sailing a Supernova Trimaran in New Zealand

Decades after its zenith, the Supernova trimaran is still around. Of course, we wish there were more of them. But the many challenges of developing and selling a beach tri production model, like the Supernova, are formidable.

It amazes me that a boat designer like Ib Pors Nielsen was able to do it for awhile. But I know small tri fan Graham Wheeler is glad he did. Not long ago, Graham purchased a Supernova … in excellent condition. He shares the following (along with a very short video clip and a few photos of his sailboat) with us here. (more…)

Classic Supernova Trimaran Brochure and Pictures

Sailor Doug Green shares these classic “Supernova Trimaran” brochure images, inserts and pictures (from the 1980s) with us in this post. He also asked a knowledgable friend about this model, who shared some more info. These images (and info) are a great follow up to the first blog post regarding the Supernova trimaran.

The designer of the Supernova trimaran was Ib Pors Nielsen. Among the Supernova trimaran’s advertised features/benfits are: (more…)