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Old Canoe Plus Windsurfer Creates Small Tri

Here is an old commercially-made canoe, coupled with windsurfer parts, re-created into a small tri. Sailor Mark Schoenhals shares about his craft called DRAGONFLY with us in the videos below.

I am only sharing 3 of the videos he made about this project in this post. To see all of them you can visit the videos page on Mark’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/birchmark/videos

Mark writes:

This summer I began work on a small homebuilt trimaran using an aluminum canoe and an old wind surfer as raw materials. It was Jim Gallant’s design that inspired me to go for the canoe conversion. The result has been a fun little craft I call Dragonfly. (more…)

Trimaran Sailing Canoe with Sunfish Rig

Here is a great little trimaran sailing canoe. At fifteen and half feet, it appears to be a fine example of how to use stitch and glue method in order to build an efficient, versatile water craft rather quickly.

The info and photos for this all come from Tim C., who allowed me to copy the content from his ebay ad for the boat. He and his family had a blast with this little tri. (more…)

Circumnavigating Lake Michigan in a Dugout Trimaran Canoe

Here is a story about 2 adventurers in a dugout trimaran canoe. Small tri friend Lenny shares this blogspot link with us (which is where all of the information below comes from). And while pics of the boat in full tri configuration are lacking, I’m hopeful their site will feature some more photos soon.

As you’ll see, there is a serious dose of pioneering spirit depicted here. So much so, somebody decided to build their own dugout and attach double outriggers. (more…)

A Homebuilt Kevlar Trimaran Sailing Canoe

Sailor Rex Gilfillan, who hails from New Zealand, shares about his one-of-a-kind Kevlar trimaran sailing canoe in this post. As you’ll see, he has created a boat uniquely suited for the type of coastal adventures he engages in.

What impressed me about this particular craft is its light weight. Combining the toughness of Kevlar with light weight is quite impressive. (I’d love to see a video of how he made this boat, step-by-step :-) (more…)

A Few Trimaran Video Links

Every now and then I like to take a peek at the trimaran videos posted around the web. Many of them emphasize how fast trimarans can go … even the small ones.

The following videos are a few of the more interesting ones I’ve found. You’ll see mostly small trimarans included here, but there are a couple of bigger trimarans included. (If you have a favorite I’ve somehow missed then send me the link).