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Small Trimarans at the Annapolis Boat Show

This past October (in 2009), I attended the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland. A few small trimarans were represented: The Telestar trimaran, the Weta Trimaran and the Corsair trimaran.

In addition, there was a large (and quite nice looking) Dragonfly trimaran yacht. Naturally, I wanted to make a few videos of these sailboats because I’d just purchased my first video camera … ever … and it was my new toy! It’s one of those “pocket video” things. (more…)

A Few Trimaran Video Links

Every now and then I like to take a peek at the trimaran videos posted around the web. Many of them emphasize how fast trimarans can go … even the small ones.

The following videos are a few of the more interesting ones I’ve found. You’ll see mostly small trimarans included here, but there are a couple of bigger trimarans included. (If you have a favorite I’ve somehow missed then send me the link).