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What Makes Trimarans Fast

what-makes-trimarans-fastOur friend Stefano recently sent me the link to the following trimaran article (in pdf). It’s written by multihull designer Tony Grainger.

Tony is one of the boat designers that I interviewed in the book, “More Small Trimarans.”

A lot of readers might find the article’s content very interesting … or even just a plain good ‘ole read. (I hope so anyways.)

If you’d like to check it out then click here in order to open the pdf document. (more…)

Jim Brown’s Case for the Cruising Trimaran Published as a Kindle eBook

Multihull pioneer Jim Brown’s classic “Case for the Cruising Trimaran” is obviously about cruising vessels. But the full range of multihull-related information and advice contained within it … especially with regards to safety … is so rich that every multihull owner might benefit from reading it.

A mindset that inspires one towards safety, precaution, accident prevention and preparation (about supplies one should have before going out in a boat) is displayed throughout the book. But what is so great about Jim’s writing style is that it never comes across as abrasive. The great advice simply comes to life through real-life stories and personal accounts of events that sailors actually experienced in their boats. (more…)

Jim Brown Talks Small Trimarans and Small Catamarans

Here are a couple of real treats, courtesy of multihull pioneer Jim Brown. Jim and I spoke last week about an article that I found online comparing small trimarans with catamarans in the same size range.

Our conversation isn’t meant to stir any pots of controversy … it’s simply about adding to a particular discussion by having a chat with someone who has been building and sailing multihulls for 50+ years now. (more…)

2nd Small Trimarans Book Coming Soon

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a brand new Small Trimarans book (book #2). I tried hard to come up with a creative title for this one too — and I think I got the creative juices flowing and maxed out to a boiling fever pitch. As a result, I finally settled on a name for this new book on small trimarans. It’ll be entitled, (drum roll please) (more…)

What are “Small” Trimarans?

What are “small” trimarans? I’ll take a risk here and hope my opinion doesn’t stoke any fires of debate. There are several ways trimaran enthusiasts might answer this question. And each of them, given certain assumptions, are probably worthy of merit.

But for the sake of meaningful discussion (and relevance of this website) I’m giving my own definition: (more…)

An Introduction to Small Trimarans

If you’re reading this then I have to assume you like sailing fast. (Or perhaps you’re dreaming about being able to get out on the water and do something like this soon).

The first time I ever saw a trimaran cut through the water at 16 – 20 knots I was mesmerized. Up to that point I didn’t have an anchor for my general interest in boats. Sailing a tri was something I wanted to pursue.