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Working Model for the TRIX 12 Trimaran Design

Here is sailor Walter Monici once again, now featuring an expanded version of his 10-foot TRIX Trimaran model. This one is designed to be 12-foot LOA.

Walter sent me the images of the working model (below) along with an explanation of his intentions for this new boat. Basically, he is intending this small tri to be used primarily in rivers with paddles and oars. (more…)

Népaù: Transforming a Misfit Proa Into a Performing Trimaran

The following small trimaran tale comes to us from Stefano, who lives in Italy. Stefano found our site and offered to share about the challenges (and fun) of taking his homemade proa and converting it into a trimaran. He provides some excellent details too. (I get the impression he is a sailor who enjoys having a bit of experience under his belt). (more…)