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Telstar 28 Trimaran Videos

I saw the Telstar 28 Trimaran at the Annapolis Boat Show this past October and also got to speak with Tony Smith, who designed the boat. While perusing YouTube this past week, I stumbled across these short videos featuring this production model.

Tony has a lot of multihull experience in his background. That certainly must be a factor in the design because it seems there was a lot of thought that went into even “the little things.”

I just learned the Telstar 28 trimaran isn’t in production this year — 2010. Whether it comes back or not may depend on the economy. At the moment, there are a few used boats on the market. You’ve still got to have a bundle of cash to get one though. So if want a beautiful, trailerable trimaran, but don’t want to build your own, then this boat may be an available option.

These videos don’t feature anything spectacular, but the notion of assembling them together in this post seemed worthwhile … when the thought first hit me anyway. And while the last 3 of these are “home-made” productions, there is no doubt the first 3 are commercial. No problem. Sometimes I like watching commercials :-)

Anyone interested may be able to find out about used Telstar 28 trimaran models by contacting Performance Cruising.


  1. The first video is a promotional video IIRC. The next two are actually informational/instructional reference videos. The second video is for setting up the screacher furling unit. The third is a demonstration of the folding system, featuring Will Hershfeld, who worked at Performance Cruising until the company split up.

    The fourth video was shot by another owner. I’d point out that the fifth video was actually shot by Will Hershfeld. I am the individual in the Tilley hat in that video. :-)

    The last video is actually one I made and posted. I own the Telstar 28 featured in the video.

    Earlier this year, the Telstar 28 group was split off and formed into a new company called Performance Sailing. The Gemini catamaran is still being produced by Performance Cruising, and is now owned by Laura Hershfeld’s management company and is partnered with the Catamaran Company, who is now running their marina among other things.

    I believe that the reason production has been halted temporarily is that Tony and Sue Smith are in the process of building a customized Telstar 28, which they will be trailering up to the Pacific Northwest and sailing down the Pacific coast of North America. This is based on what was posted on the International Telstar Owner’s Association forum, and may or may not be correct.

    I also have a couple of other Telstar 28 videos posted on youtube, including two that were taken during small craft warning conditions. If anyone has any questions about the Telstar 28, I’d be more than happy to answer them.

  2. Just purchased a telstar 28 and it was apparently a prototype model. As such the trailer setup is, well, unique. Actually, it needs to be completely redone and I was wondering if you knew of any schematics, blue prints or diagrams which show the trailer and what it’s supposed to look like. Also, if you have or know of any pics or diagrams of the bed and table for down below, that’d be immensely helpful.
    p.s. Thanks for all the info you’ve posted. It’s been an incredible help.

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