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Ronan Quin-Huard contacted me the other day to tell me about a production-made small trimaran from France called the “Bandit 800.” Ronan is the sale manager of the boatyard Multid’o, which builds the Bandit 800 for customers.

I asked Ronan some questions about the Bandit 800 and he responded with the following. His English is pretty good, so I was leery of editing his responses to what I think it should say – as opposed to what he actually wrote. But I did end up editing a few words here and there.

By and large though, I think the below reads pretty much the way Ronan intended for it to read. This gentleman even invited me out for a sail on a Bandit when I go to France. (Oh man, I wonder if I can somehow convince my wife that I HAVE to go to France for “business reasons” ;-)

Errrr, while I try and figure out that perplexing dilemma, here is Ronan …


Hi Joe,

The Bandit 800 was designed to offer a small trimaran that can be used like a day boat or coastal cruiser. Pierre Rolland (the designer) wanted a boat that was very easy to sail, provide fun, and be able to carry 4 people on a family-type cruise.

The folding system allows the Bandit 800 to have a monohull location in marina. The floats were designed for performance, with the volume greater at the front for safety. This choice requires a dismount to make the boat trailerable, which takes about two hours.

First time owners like it’s global design — very modern. They appreciate the spacious cockpit, which is easy to use with a limited crew, or alone … and simple cabin agencement.

Navigating on the boat feels secure even in strong winds. Behavior at sea is very reassuring and allows the crew to make the most of the potential of the boat. Mariners are surprised to be able to navigate easily at more than 10 or 15 knots — even if they’re not multihull specialists.

This trimaran is built in foam/sandwich. Our manufacturing technique under vacuum ensures homogeneity of the laminate, plus the strength and weight of the boat, which is very important.

I’ve attached some pics for you. Thank you for featuring this sailboat. It is with pleasure that I invite you to discover the trimaran when you come to our region.

In addition to the pics Ronan sent, check out the video of the sailboat that follows them. Anyone interested in inquiring about a Bandit 800 trimaran may contact Ronan (info below) for all of the details. He said the yard is presently manufacturing 3-4 Bandits a year.

Ronan Quin-Huard
Chantier Naval MULTID’O
SARL Coques et Volumes
Tel +33 (0)2 98 97 89 53
Email: info AT multido.fr

Below are most of the other pictures Ronan sent to me — click all photos to enlarge them. (Thanks Ronan !!!)