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Did you know that plans for the Chief’s Tridarka Raider trimaran are now available? What’s that? “Chief,” you ask? “Who is Chief?”

You don’t know who “Chief” is? Well, I’m talking about the chief of “WaterTribe,” of course.

The WaterTribe is made up of the adventurous, rugged, hardy sailors who’ve participated in the “Everglades Challenge” boat race in Florida. And it’s something that eerily tempts many of us small trimaran lovers. (I know I’ve dreamed about participating in it)!


I guess the whole nature of this event sort of “calls out” to the spirit of adventure and exploration (mostly suppressed within us nowadays) that we had as kids. That being said, many guys (and some gals), still want a taste of this.

And that’s what lures Everglade Challenge participants.

According to the WaterTribe website: “The Everglades Challenge is an unsupported, expedition style adventure race for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The distance is roughly 300 nautical miles depending on your course selection. There is a time limit of 8 days or less. Your safety and well being are completely up to you.”

See what I mean? The Everglades Challenge beckons the “inner seafaring/pirate/adventurer” waiting to get out of you! (Assuming, of course, this nature was ever within you in the first place :-)

Okay now, back to “Chief.”

The Chief of WaterTribe is a fellow named Steve Isaac. He asked small boat desiger Matt Layden to create a small trailerable trimaran for him that would be an ideal craft for the Everglades Challenge. And that’s how the “Tridarka Raider trimaran” came into being.

The Tridarka Raider is a rugged little trimaran that was created with several things in mind. It was designed to be strong and stable … yet fairly light. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly (which is necessary to get through some of the “checkpoints” in the race). And while the Tridarka can sail along at a pretty good clip, it’s not designed for super speed.

I knew that chief was working on making the plans for the Tridarka available to homebuilders. But I wasn’t sure if they were ready yet. So I emailed Chief (err … Steve) a couple of weeks ago and asked him how the plans were coming along. He responded with the following:

“Joe, The boat is finished and sails well. I sold the prototype to a guy on Colorado. The Tridarka Raider plans are available from http://www.platypusboats.com/home.html. — Best Regards, Steve Isaac ~ Chief @ WaterTribe .com “

For even more information about the Tridarka Raider, check out the following webpage:


And here are some pictures of various boats that have participated in the Everglades Challenge … http://members.ij.net/wctss/wctss/photos26.htm

And there you have it. I hope many happy small trimaran fans discover the Tridarka Raider (and build their own) in years to come!


Steve Isaac and his Tridarka Raider are featured in my 2nd book — More Small Trimarans.