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The Classic Tremolino Trimaran is Reborn

Small trimaran enthusiasts who’ve been around awhile are certainly familiar with Dick Newick’s famous Tremolino trimaran. The Tremolino was the very picture of high performance … mixed with simplicity.

The original version incorporated Hobie 16 hulls for its amas. It also used the Hobie 16 rig for sails.

I’ve read over and over again about how Tremolino lovers simply loved their sailboats … and for good reason. The Tremolino offered small multihull sailors an affordable tri that could hit nearly 18-knots in right conditions. And this high-octane sailboat was available as an economical option for homebuilders.

The main criticism about the early Tremolino design seems to be that those Hobie 16 hulls were never buoyant enough. But what many didn’t know was Newick hadn’t designed and built that very first Tremolino himself. Still, much of the appeal of that early design was the fact a homebuilder could just build a main hull, and then use the Hobie hulls and rigging to acquire a fast trimaran of their own.

Newick did eventually redesign the Tremolino, which included plans for amas that were a great match for the boat. In fact, several modifications of the Tremolino have been made over the years. Each one slightly increased the boat’s performance too.

And now, the small trimaran community can revisit this classic design in a new way once again …

WoodenBoat Magazine’s 2009 Small Boats features a story about Dick Newick’s famous Tremolino small trimaran. It’s featured in an article entitled, “Tremolino Trimaran: What’s old is new again.”

Mr Newick was also kind enough to allow me to interview him for my book, Small Trimarans: An Introduction,. Even though I was privileged to speak with some great designers in order to put this book together, I consider my talk with Newick to be the cherry on top of a project that’s been a real treat in putting together. (Pun intended ;-)

In case you’re interested, the following webpages also offer some information … the Tremolino Yahoo group and the “Tremolino Trimaran Homepage”

Below is a picture of the “new” Tremolino design (special thanks to Lew Enns, who built and owns this beautiful boat).

Tremolino Trimaran (updated design)

Tremolino Trimaran (updated design)


  1. Hello. Please may I have the e-mail of Tremolino boats co.? The link “contact” from the factory’s site doesn’t work ? Thank You very much.
    Nino de Casa

  2. Hi Nino,

    Currently, there is no “Tremolino Boat Co.” The only way to get a Tremolino is to build your own (using Dick Newick’s plans) or buy one that has already been built.

    There was an active Tremolino Yahoo group that may be able to inspire you to do one or the other at … http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tremolino/

    — Small Tri Guy

  3. Hi! Tri! Guy! When I bought the Hull # 70 in New Jersey, I took the Maiden Voyage in Barnegat bay. At that time 2 different Cat Boat Fleets were Racing at a Stately 5 Knots. I was able to Orbit the fleets in my John Olin Built VACA and Hobie 16 Amas.
    Had it for 25 years. Might like to sell it to a True Tri-Maran entusiast.

    Brian Oh’Brian

  4. I have one of the early Tremolinos, but not clamps to clamp that cross-arm to the hull. Does anyone know where I can obtain a pair or have a drawing of the clamps so I can make my own ? ? ? Jerry Rice

  5. I have an old Tremoline hull with the Hobby floats. I do not have the cross-arm clamps. Anyone know how they are made, or where I can buy some ? ?
    I also have no idea how the short pipe sections on the port side can be used to hold an outboard motor. Any plans, pictures or drawing ? ?
    Jerry rice

  6. Hi Jerold,
    Dick Newick himself would be able to help you out, I am pretty sure ;-)
    If I were you I’d contact him thru his website at http://www.wingo.com/newick/

  7. Jerold,
    Go search the Tremsetters’ yahoo group archives – people had come up with some solutions for the corner castings, including casting new pieces in a foundry.

  8. Plans for Tremolino are still available, although I’m not advertising, just providing limited service to seriously interested
    multihull sailors. We’ve combined plans into one set for $700.00,
    a cost reduction because Dick isn’t here to discuss his plans.
    Pat Newick

  9. I’ve reduced the Tremolino plans to $500.00. This includes
    drawings and revisions. After Dick died in 2013, it was too
    difficult for me to offer separate variations.
    Because of the ongoing interest in Tremolino, I’m making this
    combined set of plans available in blueprint, or digital form.
    Pat Newick

  10. hello. how i can order tremolino plan, and valiii plan?

  11. Hi Vitaliy,
    I will contact Pat Newick and see what contact info she’d like for me to post so you (and others) can contact her regarding building plans.

  12. Tank you, Small Tri Guy.

  13. I’m currently working up a demountable cedar core Trem 26 with Dick’s latest lines and Pat’s approval. My particular intention is simplicity and seagoing strength. I’m looking for contributions toward engineering fees and would share the results after the US$500 for Pat. I live on the east coast of Australia where my Trem will be built and would consider joint ownership.

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