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In this post we feature the Comet 21 Trimaran design from Matt Cooper. His 17 foot beach tri can be seen in the previous post.

As is the case with his smaller beach tri, building plans are also available for this sailboat. (They’re not pricey either)!

About this larger, 21-footer, Matt writes an ample description, which includes the following:

“The main hull (vaka) is multi-chined with a narrow flat bottom, graceful stem profile, and vertical stern to carry the kick-up rudder. The boat is built of marine plywood over a light spruce frame. The topsides are ¼” (6mm) while the bottom and decks are 3/8” (9mm). The main hull features a small cuddy cabin forward, a storage compartment aft, and a self-bailing center cockpit.”

With his permission are a couple Comet 21 pics (see more on his webpage)

As you can see for yourself, the amas on this boat are very Newick-esque. See Matt’s design bio here.