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The New Adventure Trimaran Named Osprey

The new Adventure Trimaran named Osprey has been tearing up the water for months now. Mark Zollitsch, who is one of the guys that put a great deal of time and energy into this 23-foot multihull, emailed me when he announced its launch.

I wanted to feature it immediately, especially since we talked about this new boat in a previous post.

But I wanted to feature Mark in a short audio interview … along with showcasing the tri. And instead of pursuing that plan with some vigor, I dropped the ball. (Sorry Mark!)

While I still plan on getting Mark on the phone for a featured chat, I decided that this post was looooooong overdue. So here are a few short YouTube videos, along with a link to the page at SailingAnarchy (below), which features some more details about Osprey.

Here is a clip of the new Adventure Trimaran Osprey during its 1st race (Video was taken by a chase boat ,,, there are scrolling images until the 1:57 time-frame, when the actual video begins) …

Click here to view the Osprey Adventure Trimaran thread at SailingAnarchy

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  1. How to get in contact with the designers/ builders of the Osprey trimaran?
    I would like to build one!

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