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Darren Newton (a.k.a. “Daz”) is the managing director of Multimarine Composites Limited, a multihull engineering and production company in the U.K. One of his earlier designs was a sailboat known as the Dazcat 800 micro racing trimaran, or Dazcat 8RT.

I asked Darren if he’d share a bit about how he got into sailing — and the Dazcat 8RT small trimaran in particular. He kindly responded and offers the following pictures too. (If you’d like to see some of his newer projects, which include some stunning large multis, then click thu to the Multimarine website at the end of this post).

The Dazcat 8RT Trimaran
by Darren Newton

I built my first boat at the age of 14, after I got into sailing at my school, learning at the Salcombe Sailing Club on Toppers and Lasers. At 16, I started sailing a Hobiecat 16 and that was it for me. From there I built my first multihull, a Formula 28, and started Dazcat where we built the 8m Dazcat Racing Tri and the 10m Paradox (see short video clip of this boat below), which has won the multihull class in the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race twice now – not bad for a 13 year old boat. We have had lots of new ideas since the race this last June, including ones for a new 10 and 12m trimaran design, so anyone interested get in touch.

The Dazcat 8RT trimaran was built as a kit by Guy Gibbens and Ray Bishop for micro racing. It was very quick despite the rig being from another boat and a bit small; so it needed a bit of wind but then was very fast. It’s made out of Iso polyester and spheretex core biaxial glass.

Dazcat 8RT Micro Racing Trimaran

Dazcat 8RT Micro Racing Trimaran

While I don’t have the plans for this boat immediately on hand, its specs are basically the following: 26 foot long, 20 foot wide, hull 1.3m deep, sitting head room and two berths (for masochists).

It would take about half a day to demount this boat in order to make it “trailerable” … once you know the system. And it is designed to carry a capacity of 4-6 sailors under sail. The Dazcat 8RT’s performance was fab for its time – would go a lot faster if one built a new one (the moulds still exist).

Dazcat 8RT

Our company supplies a full service and has a great number of moulds that clients can have complete boats or kits made from, and they can tailor designs around the tooling we have. Clients can be as involved in the build as they like and come and learn how to laminate when we make their mouldings, so they know, or more importantly we know, they will do a good job putting their boat together.

Every boat is unique and many people have enjoyed having part or all of their boat built by us. We do try to make it fun as that’s what it should be all about.

The range of mouldings can best be seen on the http://www.dazcat.co.uk website. The range includes cats and tris (8m, 10m, 12m, 14m and a few in between). We also have tooling for Jean Ligonnet’s Ninja 8 trimaran, one of the best tris I’ve ever sailed and very advanced for its time. Jean has also built a 7m plywood Ninja for day sailing, which for a budget builder could be an option.


Mulitmarine Composite’s companion website can be found at http://www.multimarine.co.uk/. And you can download their informative brochure in pdf by clicking here

The following video clip features “Paradox,” also known as the “Dazcat 10RT.”

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