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One of our readers (Alex S.) sent me the link to a 17-foot trimaran I’ve never seen before. It’s from boat designer Matt Cooper, who calls it the Tribaby 17.

After corresponding with Matt a bit via email he gave permission to post some info and and a couple pics from his website.

Building plans for this boat are available. You can readily contact him for more information.

The Tribaby 17 is a “beach tri” in the fullest sense. Included in Matt’s description of this sailboat is the following:

The TRIBABY is definitely a bathing suit boat as you sit out on the cross arms with your feet in the main hull. Having designed and built various types of boats over the years, we have found that the trimaran has several advantages over more conventional single hull craft including high stability, low resistance, shoal draft, light displacement (no need for ballast), all while still preserving the practicality of a center hull.

Find out more about Matt and his other designs here: http://macooperdesign.com/