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The UltraLight 20 trimaran is now available! Ted and Zac Warren (the father and son team at Warren Light Craft) have been working on this sailboat for awhile. And it’s a beauty.

As you can see from the photos and short YouTube video below, this craft is pure sailing machine. It’s designed to be a true 1-4 adult performance trimaran.

She has no cockpit and is designed to be sailed from the windward ama!

A UL20 weighs in at anywhere from 175-220 lbs. all up … depending on options. (The main hull weighs just 44 lbs.) As such, it’s car-toppable with many vehicles.

You can see a demo of the UL20 trimaran at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show this October . Both Ted and Zac Warren will be on hand to answer questions and demo this boat.

Here are a few photos of the UL20 from the Warren Light Craft website (used with permission here below):

Click here for the UltraLight 20 trimaran “Designer’s Statement”
Click here for the UltraLight 20 trimaran Specs page
Click here for the UltraLight 20 trimaran Features page

You can find more photos of the UltraLight 20 trimaran on this webpage at Warren Light Craft

And here is a light wind video of the UL20 in action: