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The Sea Pearl is a beloved model among a certain group of small boat enthusiasts. Any time I’ve ever heard a Sea Pearl owner talk about their boat (whether in writing or on audio) they always speak in glowing terms. But what’s cool is that Sea Pearl’s manufacturer makes 2 Sea Pearl trimaran versions also.

To see what I mean about Sea Pearl sailors and their boats, see sailor Larry Whited’s Sea Pearl website. He provides some great, fun small boat reading there.

Every Sea Pearl is a trailerable craft that uses a cat-ketch rig. The standard monohull version can also be rowed and motored, in addition to being sailed. It offers very shallow draft, which makes it easily beachable. The main hull is roomy and offers good storage, which makes this small boat particularly useful for camp cruising excursions. And you’ll often find pictures of Sea Pearl sailors sitting comfortable in deck chairs inside their cockpits, with bimini overhead to keep them under shade.

Very nice indeed!

The Sea Pearl trimaran configurations obviously offer more stability than the monohull-only model. And they’re also probably faster under certain conditions, especially since they can carry more sail area before needing to reef when the wind picks up. (The following photo images have been provided by one-time Sea Pearl owner “Paul,” who kindly sent them to me for use with this Sea Pearl post).

Sea Pearl trimaran with cabin

The 2 Sea Pearl trimaran versions offered are very similar to one another. Both use the basic main hull of the Sea Pearl monohull. But the “Sport” version is 500 pounds lighter than the standard one. This lighter weight comes largely from the absence of having roomy wing decks.

Aft section of the Sea Pearl trimaran

A peek inside a Sea Pearl trimaran cabin

Roomy Sea Pearl trimaran cockpit

Since there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with the differences between the 2 models, anyone thinking about acquiring a Sea Pearl tri for themselves will want to first check out the Sea Peal trimarans page at the Marine Concepts website, and then call the builder to make sure they get all the details.

Sailing the Sea Pearl Trimaran

Finally, here are 3 Sea Pearl trimaran videos posted on YouTube (enjoy) …