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The following photos of both the Threefold 6 trimaran design and the Multi 23 trimaran were sent to me by Eugene Burusov, who is a part of the Chernomor Company (boatbuilders and dealers) in Russia. They built the Threefold 6 a couple of years ago. And they recently became distributors for the Multi 23 — a production trimaran that we’ve also seen before.

We saw their work displayed in this previous article about the Threefold 6 trimaran, which is designed by Dudley Dix.

A few short YouTube clips are also provided, which are meant to display some features that offer ease of use and high performance for sailors.

Contact information for the Chernomor Company can be found below.

Here are the 2 boats together…

Here is the Multi 23…

And here is the Threefold 6…

Eugene Burusov
Chernomor company