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Here is a new Threefold 6 trimaran in Michigan. Boat designer (and avid sailor) Dudley Dix just posted about this one on his blog.

We’ve posted about the Threefold 6 design before: here and here and here.

As Dudley says on his webpage, where building plans for this boat are available, one of the more interesting features of this boat is the (theoretical) ability for the beams to fold up in such a way that would allow the boat to be up-righted if capsized.

(Thanks to small tri friend Brian Pearson for sharing the following link with us)!


Threefold 6 Project in Michigan
by Dudley Dix

Bill Blaisden has been building a Threefold 6 in Michigan the past few years and it is nearly complete. These photos show from early in the build through to getting wet. Bill’s boat has the high-volume amas that we introduced a few years ago to replace the lower volume amas of the original design.

The Threefold 6 is multi-chine plywood with stitch-&-glue joints at the chines. Construction is quite robust, giving a strong little boat with good performance, that can be built by any reasonably competent amateur builder.?

Click here to continue reading on Dudley’s blog…